How Do I Choose the Best Decorative Hooks?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman painting
Woman painting

Start choosing the best decorative hooks by determining what you intend to use them for. This will dictate both the size and the materials of the hook, as well as the cost in many cases. Decorative hooks used to hold plants, for example, will often be quite large, or at least made from durable materials able to support the weight of the plants. Coat hooks, on the other hand, often do not need to be so large or durable. Hooks used in the bathroom will need to be made from materials that are resistant to water damage such as mold and mildew build-up.

Once you have determined what you will use the decorative hooks for, do some research to find out what styles of hooks are available and what materials are used. Wrought iron hooks, for example, are a good choice for hanging heavy objects, but they will be quite expensive, especially if you purchase true wrought iron instead of cast iron or steel made to look like wrought iron. Wrought iron decorative hooks often feature twists, swirls, or other aesthetic accents, so be sure to consider which design will work best with the overall decor of a room or living space.

Coat hooks can be purchased individually or as units mounted to a backboard. In many cases, it is not the coat hook itself that is decorative, but rather the backboard to which the hooks that are mounted. Some decorative hooks used for coat hooks are mounted to a backboard that features a shelf, or even a mirror. Determine how much space you have for the hooks, and what extra features might suit your needs well; a shelf is useful for storing car keys or a dog leash, so if you think you will store other objects on the hook unit, this may be a good choice.

Bathroom hooks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and while many of them will do the job of supporting towels or bathrobes while looking great on the wall, not all of them will be durable enough to withstand exposure to moisture. Some metal hooks, for example, may rust after continued exposure to moisture, and wooden hooks might develop mold and mildew. Choose hooks for the bathroom carefully not only on the basis of aesthetics, but also on durability. Consider units that are somehow treated to withstand exposure to moisture, or choose synthetic materials like plastic that are resistant to water damage.

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    • Woman painting
      Woman painting