How Do I Choose the Best Ionic Hair Brush?

Janis Adams

An ionic hair brush is a styling tool that many people find indispensable. The brush supplies negatively charged ions to the hair as it is brushed, locking moisture within the strands of the hair. These types of brushes range greatly in price, so defining your budget is important before you go shopping for the brush you want. Knowing the different features of these brushes, such as different shapes and types of bristles, also will help you determine which brush will suit your budget and your needs.

Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

An ionic hair brush comes in one of two basic shapes. The brush can be either round or flat. The type of brush that you choose will largely be determined by the style you want to create with the brush, as well as what your personal preference is.

There also are two types of bristles that might be offered on an ionic hair brush. The first type is a natural bristle. These bristles are made from boars' hair, which is strong and durable. The other type of brush has man-made bristles that are resistant to heat so that the bristles will not be damaged if a blow dryer is used with the brush.

The handles of these types of brushes differ greatly. The best way to see which type of handle would be best for you is to hold each of the brushes that you are considering in your hand to determine the one with which you are the most comfortable. The handle of an ionic brush can be made of wood, plastic or metal. Some are ergonomically designed, and others are created to appeal to the eye.

An ionic hair brush can come in a variety of sizes, from extra small to extra large. The style that the brush will be used to create will dictate the size of the brush that will serve your needs. An extra-small brush also would easily fit in a purse, handbag or other type of portable case so that you have access to it wherever you are. Purchasing more than one ionic brush and keeping a small one with you when you're on the go might be a good choice.

The prices of these brushes differ greatly, largely because of the materials that are used to make them. A brush with natural bristles, for example, will be more costly than a brush with man-made bristles. This must be taken into consideration when purchasing a brush, if you trying to stay within a budget.

Beware of manufacturers that promise that the hair will be repaired by using their ionic hair brush. Damaged hair cannot be repaired. For this reason, a manufacturer offering this should not be be considered.

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