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How Do I Choose the Best Hallway Rugs?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The first step in choosing the best hallway rugs is to measure the hallway carefully to ensure you buy a rug with the correct dimensions. A rug that is too wide will run up on the baseboards or wall, causing a tripping hazard and speeding up the wearing out of the rug itself. A rug that is too narrow can also be a tripping hazard unless it is secured properly to the ground to prevent curling. Once you have measured the dimensions for the proper size of hallway rugs, it is time to go shopping to take a look at different designs, thicknesses, and prices.

Hallway rugs tend to be very long so they can run the length of the hallway. Making sure you have measured properly is an important step, as it will help dictate which rugs will be long enough or short enough for your purposes. Some companies will create a custom length for your hallway, even going as far to cut the rug in such a way that it can run evenly around a corner. This will probably cost more money than simply buying a hallway runner or hallway rugs that match the dimensions of your hallway already.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Try to choose a color and design that matches the aesthetic of your hallway. Loud patterns may not match more subdued colors and designs on the walls, so try to choose a rug that will fit well with the hallway's current aesthetic appeal. It helps, too, to choose a color that will brighten up the hallway, making it easier to navigate the hallway in low light. You can alter the hallway's appearance by choosing a rug with a brighter, louder, or more interesting design, but keep in mind that such designs may clash with the color of the walls, trim, and so on.

It is a good idea to consider hallway rugs that do not have fringe on the edges. These can be tripping hazards, and they are very likely to become frayed, leading to carpet damage. These fringe can also become dirty very quickly after a fair amount of foot traffic has passed over it, and can be quite difficult to clean. Placing a carpet pad underneath the rug can help keep the rug from shifting, making vacuuming much easier and making the rug much safer for people to walk on without the risk of tripping. The carpet pad can also help extend the life of the carpet by preventing friction between the rug's bottom and the floor beneath.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing