How Do I Choose the Best Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair?

K. Hamilton

Having a great head of hair can do wonders when it comes to creating a look that is stylish and flattering. There are many hairstyles from which to choose, so the key is finding one for your particular type of hair. When looking for hairstyles for men with thick hair, consider those that use a layered cut or that keep the hair a little longer. A hairstyle that requires extra effort to style might be worthwhile for men who have thick hair. It's usually best to avoid styles that are made using an electric trimmer on the sides, and visiting a professional hairstylist for advice can be a good idea.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Looking for a new hairstyle can be quite challenging because thick hair can be quite tricky to manage, but there are styles that make it easier. When choosing a hairstyle, it's often a good idea to get a layered cut, which is sometimes called a college cut. This naturally flattens the hair and makes it more manageable rather than unruly. It also allows for many styling options instead of simply cutting the sides of the hair short.

Longer hairstyles for men with thick hair are another option. Unlike men who have thin, straight hair that has a tendency to go limp, men who have thick, wavy hair can look good with the hair a bit longer. Some of the longer hairstyles for men who have thick hair are the ducktail, the pompadour, and the messy style.

Consider the lifestyle and the amount of effort to be put into styling the hair. Some men are uncomfortable using hair products such as styling gels and pomades. If this is the case for you, choose a shorter hairstyle. Men who don’t mind spending a few minutes grooming their hair every morning can go for a messy or wavy top.

It might be best to skip hairstyles that use a trimmer on the sides. A buzz cut might seem like a good solution, but it’s not necessarily the most flattering hairstyle for thick hair. This is because, as the hair grows out, it will tend to stick out and grow at varying lengths, resulting in an awkward and helmet-like appearance.

Check out magazines to find hairstyles that appeal to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment using styling products, and always wash and condition your hair regularly to keep it soft, manageable, and healthy. Instead of going to the barber, try visiting a stylist in a salon to get some new ideas. The resulting hairstyle is likely to be softer, more manageable, and more stylish.

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