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How do I Choose the Best Fire Alarm Bell?

T. Webster
T. Webster

Fire alarm bells traditionally are used for businesses. For this reason, the best fire alarm bell must have an alarm that is loud enough to be heard across a large area. Many other features can be built into the alarm, depending on the type of business and your preference for the alarm’s sound.

The alarm bell that you choose is only as effective as its supporting detection system. The bell is the final stage of alerting people. First, a detection system must be in place that can detect the presence of smoke or fire. A fire alarm bell also can be attached to a pull station that is manually activated after a person sees smoke or fire.

A fire alarm bell is only as useful as its detection system.
A fire alarm bell is only as useful as its detection system.

Before choosing a fire alarm bell, make sure that you have surveyed the fire risk in the building. This will help you decide what fire alarm bell to choose and whether you will need a complex alarm system. If you have general knowledge in this area, you might be able to conduct the assessment study yourself. If not, you will need to hire a consultant or a representative from your local fire department to do the study.

After assessing the alarm system you will need, move on to determining the kind of fire alarm bell that you want. Keep in mind that the alarm must meet all municipal regulations, if any are required. Contact your local fire department or other appropriate agency if you are not sure of the regulations.

The sound of the alarm is another important consideration. If the bell will be placed in a large area or a remote area of a building it is important for it to be extremely loud. The alarm also will need to be very loud if it is in an area with a lot of noise.

Generally, a fire alarm bell can have a sound that is either like a clanging bell or a horn. Those equipped with a gong-style alarm give a resonating, mechanical tone. The horn-style sound is more like a constant air horn. Some fire alarm bell manufacturers place electronic sound files on their websites so you can hear what the alarm sounds like before you buy it.

If the building products or materials that contain explosives, you might want to consider an explosion-proof alarm. These bells are designed to operate safely in places where explosive materials are stored. They also are constructive to be highly durable.

Make sure that the alarm you choose comes with proper instructions and customer service support for installing it, if you plan to install it yourself. Some fire alarm bell manufacturers will have installation instructions in both a booklet and online on their website. This should include diagrams for installing and mounting the alarm.

The fire alarm bell that you choose also should come with a warranty. This can cover all parts and labor for a specified length of time. Generally, a warranty will cover any problems that result from defects in workmanship. Before buying an alarm, be sure to understand whether the warranty calls for the unit to be repaired or whether it simply can be replaced.

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    • A fire alarm bell is only as useful as its detection system.
      By: morrbyte
      A fire alarm bell is only as useful as its detection system.