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How Do I Choose the Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors?

B. Leslie Baird
B. Leslie Baird

The most favored feng shui bedroom colors are those that can be described as the colors of skin. These hues, which range from pale creams to rich, deep browns, are said to create good energy in a bedroom. Think about the comforting feeling many people get from looking at a warm cup of hot cocoa with a bit of whipped cream on top. Color choices can also be made according to a person's birth year, for a customized decor. The purpose of these feng shui bedroom colors is exactly that — to create an environment that promotes a sense of well-being and a calming, peaceful experience.

Soft shades of pink and blue are also considered good choices. Feng shui bedroom colors should promote a harmonious energy flow, which these hues are said to do. The energy should be sensual and nourishing. The good news is that such colors are generally easy to work with, and provide numerous options for decorating. Incorporating feng shui techniques is not usually very difficult, and can provide an artistic outlet.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Proper feng shui bedroom techniques also include considerations for furniture and accessory placement. For instance, beds should not be in a straight line from any door. Mirrors should not be placed so that they reflect the bed. Televisions, computer equipment, or exercise equipment do not belong in the bedroom environment. Plants should not be in the room unless they can be located far from the bed.

Another feng shui guideline states that there should be nothing heavy hanging over the bed, including ceiling fans or light fixtures. Bed canopies are the exception, however, and one can match or contrast with the bedding. Try tones of cream over a chocolate-brown bed spread. Colors should be chosen primarily to please the individual, and then those selections can be further refined to be appropriate feng shui bedroom colors. Even colors that by themselves do not promote positive feng shui can be used as accents.

Feng shui techniques and color choices can also be affected by an individual’s birth year, so feng shui bedroom colors are not limited to only skin tones. Almost all colors can be used if they create the right energy for a particular person. Colors can also be associated with natural elements like wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. For example, wood colors include greens and browns, while fire colors incorporate shades of reds, yellow, and purple.

Colors used in feng shui are also divided into yin and yang categories. Those considered yin are chosen to be soothing, and those in the yang group are designed to motivate. Using feng shui technique, a bedroom should have more yin hues, like gray, black, green, or blue. Yang accents in reds, purples, golds, and oranges can provide a balance. Blues and greens are also associated with good health, while reds and golds are associated with career and wealth.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book