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How do I Choose the Best Cycling Gifts?

S.A. Keel
S.A. Keel

Choosing the right cycling gifts for a special pedaler can be made easier by remembering one important aspect of cycling: endurance. When it comes down to the items needed for endurance, there are basically three major categories to choose from. They include food, tools, and clothing.

Food is one of the more accessible cycling gifts, as many common grocery stores and health store chains carry an array of snacks for cyclists to munch on while traversing the countryside. When looking at food, it's important to avoid items that are high in raw sugar content. Although they may give a big boost right off the bat, the inevitable sugar crash later is something no cyclist wants to face. For eating while on the bike, snacks high in carbohydrates are important as they offer a lasting energy source. One such item designed for just this purpose are carbohydrate gels, which are flavored packets of goo with carbohydrates and sometimes a little bit of caffeine.

Allen keys, which are often included in cycling toolkits.
Allen keys, which are often included in cycling toolkits.

Drinks and drink mixes are also a good choice for cycling gifts for both on and off the bike. Some beverages are designed for hydration during the ride, while others pack in vitamins and minerals important to recovery off the bike. Mixes are a good choice for drinks on the bike, as they can be carried in small baggies, or pouches, and mixed up at any point on the route.

A good bicycle pump might make a welcome gift.
A good bicycle pump might make a welcome gift.

Gear made for endurance is typically designed and built with the best quality and materials, which tend to be more expensive and can affect your budget. Some gear, such as tire tubes and compressed air cartridges, are inexpensive and welcome for many cyclists due to the inevitability of a flat tire. One such type of flat tire remedy is a small, threaded canister of compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) that will rapidly inflate a flat. These little canisters fit in a jersey pocket and remove the extra weight of a tire pump.

Cycling clothing can make a good gift.
Cycling clothing can make a good gift.

Another tool that makes for one of the best cycling gifts is what's called a multi-tool. These can be found in bicycle shops, and typically come with all the tools needed for any quick repairs that may be needed on the side of the road. Other good cycling gifts in this area, though it requires a larger budget, may include items for the cyclist's workshop such as a work stand, a full-size toolkit, or a floor pump. A wheel-truing stand is also another good item for the cyclist who spends a lot of time building and repairing his or her bikes.

When it comes to clothing choices for cycling gifts, fit is an important consideration. Again, this is an endurance issue, where after hours on the bike seat, comfortable-fitting clothing makes all the difference. Shorts and jerseys may be difficult choices, as fit will vary between different manufacturers. In this area, then, good choices will be items such as gloves, shoe covers, or rain jackets for cold weather riding. Sizing for these types of items is typically more generalized and won't require the cyclist be present for fitting.

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@Mor - There is a huge range of cycling gear that is quite cute. I would just ask outright though, or encourage the person to set up a wish-list for gifts online somewhere appropriate. That's particularly handy if what they need is very expensive (like a bicycle itself) and they would prefer that everyone just help chip in for the purchase rather than getting a bunch of extra stuff they may or may not need.


@Iluviaporos - Another option is to get something that is cycling themed, but not necessarily for use on a cycle. A t-shirt or some jewelry with a cycling theme is a good example. A lot of companies recognize that cyclists are proud of their chosen form of transportation and will cater for them accordingly.

One tip is to try and keep your present environmentally friendly, like made with organic cotton or recycled materials, as, in my experience, cyclists are often people concerned with conservation.


It's important to remember that any keen cyclist is going to already have the basics like a multi-tool. Cycling gifts for someone who has been cycling for years have to either be something they specifically asked for or something unusual that they wouldn't have considered buying for themselves.

LED lights for bike wheels could be a cool gift. You can get versions that will spell out particular words when the wheels are in motion, or that display a particular picture.

Another thing to consider might be a big donation towards one of the charities that your cyclist sponsors when doing races. Often they get to pick which charity they fund and that can be a good way to learn which ones they favor.

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    • Allen keys, which are often included in cycling toolkits.
      Allen keys, which are often included in cycling toolkits.
    • A good bicycle pump might make a welcome gift.
      By: lamio
      A good bicycle pump might make a welcome gift.
    • Cycling clothing can make a good gift.
      By: Stefan Schurr
      Cycling clothing can make a good gift.