How do I Choose the Best Curved Curtain Rod?

S. Gonzales

Curved curtain rods are great for bay, bow, arched and corner windows. They're specially designed to accentuate these window types. Choosing the best curved curtain rod can be a little tricky. To determine the best curved curtain rods, you'll have to decide where you want to install them, how much weight you plan to hang from them, how much you want to spend on them and whether you want to install them yourself.

Curved curtain rods work well for bay windows.
Curved curtain rods work well for bay windows.

One of the first decisions you have to make before you buy curved curtain rods is where you want to put them. The obvious choice is to install them above windows, but the rods can also be used in other parts of the home. Many people use a curved curtain rod for their shower or to accent their beds. Where you want to install the rod might affect the type of rod you can and should purchase. For example, rods that are going to be used in showers or curtains might be best purchased cheaply from hardware stores, but rods that you plan to use with windows might be custom-made to fit with the unique design of them.

Typically larger than the top frame of a window, a valance can cover rods, brackets and other hardware.
Typically larger than the top frame of a window, a valance can cover rods, brackets and other hardware.

The most popular way to accent a curved curtain rod is to hang draperies from it. You'll also have the choice of using valances or window scarves on your rods. The type of window dressing you choose is up to you, and it can largely depend on preference, but the design of your particular window can also factor into the possible choices. A curved curtain rod made out of aluminum or wrought iron will be more expensive than those that are commonly found in stores, but it can be more suited to handle the weight of heavy drapery.

One common solution that exists for people who want to install a curved curtain rod is to buy bendable rods. The flexibility of the rods and tracks will allow you to make the necessary adjustments to adequately cover your windows. These types of curtain rods work especially well for homeowners who want to save money by installing the rods themselves. They can even come with instructions. If you're interested in purchasing bendable rods and tracks, know that they can come with weight capacities, which can factor into your choices of drapery.

You do not have to use curved curtain rods and draperies on your windows, no matter how unique the shape. Other alternatives are blinds, shutters and shades. Think about all of your options before you invest in curved curtain rods, because they can be expensive, especially if they are custom-designed.

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