How do I Choose the Best Arched Curtain Rod?

Emily Espinoza
Emily Espinoza
Arched curtain rods can be used for bay windows.
Arched curtain rods can be used for bay windows.

In order to choose the best arched curtain rod for your window, consider the size of your window, what type of window treatment you want, and what kind of material you would like for it to be made of. Arched curtain rods come in several sizes and many are adjustable so that you can get the right fit for your window. Some of the accessories and hardware you will need may vary depending on the style of window treatment. The shape of an arched curtain rod presents some unique issues that can be addressed in different ways depending on what kind of material you use.

Arched curtain rods are available in sizes ranging from 28 inches (71 cm) to 86 inches (2.18 m) and beyond. Like many standard curtain rods, some arched curtain rods are adjustable. There are also some versions that you can cut to size yourself. When measuring a window for an arched curtain rod, remember that the rod length is measured along the curve as opposed to measuring from one end of the curtain rod straight across to the other. Make sure to measure the entire arch of your window instead of just the width of the window.

An arched curtain rod can be used with several different types of window treatments, but each style requires its own special modifications. Keep in mind which style of treatment when you pick out your curtain rod and corresponding hardware. A heavy drapery fabric may require more brackets or a different type of rings. A sheer curtain made of lightweight fabric need clear brackets and hardware so that they are not visible through the thin fabric. Likewise, other special window treatments, such as swags and valances, may dictate what kind of hardware you use and any accessories.

Every arched window will have its own unique curve, which can make finding the perfect fit in an arched curtain rod somewhat problematic. In many of the available options, this is addressed by using a flexible, clear plastic to make the curtain rod. You will still need to make sure you have the correct size and number of brackets for installing it properly, but the flexible material adjusts to the curve to fit your window exactly. Another option is to have a custom curtain rod made for the exact measurements of your window. These rods are usually made out of metal instead of plastic and will be a bit more expensive than their generic counterparts.

Arched curtain rods are generally used for a vertically-arched window, but there are versions of this curved concept for use in other areas. For example, bay or bowed windows can be covered using an arched curtain rod that is turned horizontally. Arched shower curtain rods are also installed horizontally and their use makes more space inside a shower.

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    • Arched curtain rods can be used for bay windows.
      Arched curtain rods can be used for bay windows.