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How Do I Choose the Best Camping Oven?

Emily Espinoza
Emily Espinoza

In order to choose the best camping oven, you will need to consider the type of oven you want and what features you would like for it to have. There are several different types of camping ovens, including dutch ovens, propane ovens, electric ovens, and even solar ovens. Each type has its own positive and negative attributes to consider. These features affect how you use your oven and will ultimately help you choose which camping oven is best for you.

Dutch ovens are the oldest and most traditional form of camping oven. They were originally made out of cast iron but are also made of aluminum. These ovens consist, essentially, of a metal pot with a lid, which is heated by being placed on the coals of a campfire. The lids on some Dutch ovens have a lip that allows coals to be placed on top. Some cast iron Dutch ovens will have to be seasoned before use.

Dutch ovens are heated over the coals of a campfire.
Dutch ovens are heated over the coals of a campfire.

Propane camping ovens are the most common form of camping oven on the market. They use small propane tanks to fuel a flame inside the oven to produce heat. This type of oven can vary quite a bit in size, and some will even come with small burners on the top, like most home ovens. Another feature that might prove useful is a matchless igniter. This device uses a small amount of electricity to create a spark that lights the burner, keeping you from having to light the burner with a match.

An electric oven is one of the least common types of camping oven. These ovens are smaller, portable versions of conventional electric ovens and are probably best suited to an RV or cabin, where a source of electricity is more readily available.

Solar ovens are a useful but uncommon type of camping oven. Glass panels allow sunlight into the oven, and canisters maximize the heat. The oven may also come with reflective panels to intensify the heat in cloudy or shady conditions. Solar ovens can be very convenient, as they do not require any additional supplies or materials. Keep in mind, however, that it will take your food two to four hours to cook in this type of oven.

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    • Dutch ovens are heated over the coals of a campfire.
      By: MariaBobrova
      Dutch ovens are heated over the coals of a campfire.