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How do I Choose the Best Portable Oven?

J. Airman
J. Airman

You can choose the best portable oven for the foods you bake by evaluating the capacity, features, and price of the available options. These types of ovens are gas or electrically heated baking boxes designed specifically for use outside the traditional kitchen setting. Campers and caterers often choose a portable oven to fully cook or gently warm the meals they serve out on the road. It is important to consider where and how the oven will be used to find the best fit for your purposes.

Measure the amount of available space inside the portable ovens you are evaluating. Find out the distance between the racks, and then pull one rack out to measure its dimensions. Take a measurement of the available space inside the oven with only one rack in the lowest possible position. Bring the largest baking pan you use along to make sure it fits on every rack. Compare the differences in capacity between the various ovens you measure.

Woman baking cookies
Woman baking cookies

Decide what fuel source you want the portable oven to operate on. Propane gas ovens give the user unlimited range as long as the fuel supply is maintained. Electrically heated ovens are not necessarily limited to use within the range of electrical outlets and extension cords. A small gas generator or the cigarette lighter of an automobile supplies sufficient power to heat a small oven. Select the heating source you will be more likely to have access to for the scenarios in which you plan to use the oven.

Search for design features like digital programmable timers and wide heat ranges that make on-site baking easier. Portable ovens often have built-in convection fans and accessories to control the cooking process. Glass door fronts can make it easier to monitor foods as they cook without lowering the temperature inside the oven. Find portable ovens with built-in features you would actually use for the foods you make.

Select the portable oven that satisfies your needs and falls within budgetary restraints. The variations in price between similar ovens can sometimes be rather large due to dealer markups and brand name reputation. Research the exact models you are considering online to read oven-specific consumer reviews. Review the warranty restrictions and coverage period to help determine the final value of each portable oven model.

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@popcorn - If you have a portable gas stove that has an oven included they are actually really easy to care for. You should have manufacturer's instructions to follow, but generally if you keep it clean and refilled as needed there isn't much else you need to do.

As with propane tanks you have to be careful not to damage the container your gas is in and generally be smart. Don't hit the container or let the kids fool around with it. With cleaning, we just use a simple oven cleaner on our camp stove and oven. Make sure you get rid up of any buildup of grease as you don't want a fire.


Can anyone tell me how to care for a portable gas oven?

My family recently purchased a camp stove oven that works on gas for our camping trips, as we like to go away for a few weeks at a time. We used to have a small propane stove we took with us but it just took too long to make a big enough meal for all of us to enjoy. We're hoping that with the oven we purchased things will get a bit easier.

I guess I am concerned about working with gas when I am used to little propane tanks. It be nice to know how to keep things safe and working well.


I have an outdoor portable propane oven that I love. I used this in an outside area on our patio, and love to take it with us when we go camping.

When I camp, I want to be able to enjoy the same kinds of food we eat year round. With this stove, I can make whatever I am hungry for.

I have two burners, so there is not problem when I have more than one thing cooking at a time.

We also love to eat outdoors in the summer. With this portable oven, I can have more than one food item cooking outside at the same time. No more walking back and forth from the kitchen to the grill.

Everything I need is right there and I have been very happy with the quality and how it cooks the food.


@golf07 - That sounds like the same thing to me. Most of them are pretty small, that is why they are portable and easy to move around.

I have a portable pizza oven warmer, and I think that is about all it is good for. I was a little disappointed in it and really need to get rid of it because I never use it.

It seemed to take forever just to heat something up. The last thing I need is something else taking up space on my counter when it doesn't work the way I was hoping it would.

Some of the portable convection ovens might do a better job, but I don't think I would spend the money on another one.


Is a portable electric oven and a toaster oven the same thing?

We have a toaster oven that we use in our camper all the time. This runs on electricity and you use the dial knobs to set the temperature you want.

Even though the racks are small, you can bake anything from cookies, to muffins, to just about anything else you would make in a regular oven.

It doesn't hold much and sometimes takes longer than usual for something to bake. It took me awhile to get used to how to cook with it. Now I usually just heat things up that I don't want to put in the microwave.

It is small enough to fit on the counter and doesn't take up much space when we are not using it.

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    • Woman baking cookies
      Woman baking cookies