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How Do I Choose the Best Ayurvedic Capsules?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth

Ayurvedic capsules are nutritional supplements that have their basis in ayurvedic medicine. A person's first consideration when trying to choose the best capsule is what he or she wants the capsule to do, because there are many ayurvedic capsules with many different effects, from weight loss to strengthening the heart. Safety is another issue, because many of these capsules are made in countries and regions that may not have health standards, and the companies are not required to list ingredients on the packaging. The person looking to take these capsules also should speak with an expert in the ayurvedic field, or a doctor with ayurvedic knowledge, to find out whether taking a particular capsule is healthy or hazardous.

As with many other supplement capsules, ayurvedic capsules provide a wide range of effects. The most popular is weight management — usually weight loss, though there also are weight-gain pills for bodybuilders — while other capsules help strengthen organs such as the heart or reduce headaches, including migraines. There also are capsules that pay tribute to certain Hindu deities, and Hindu practitioners may want to restrict capsule consumption exclusively to those related to particular deities. The desired effect must be identified or the person may end up taking a capsule that does nothing to help his or her condition and may, instead, turn out to be harmful.

Ayurvedic capsules.
Ayurvedic capsules.

Companies in many regions and countries create ayurvedic capsules, and some of the places where the capsules originate may have low health standards. This means the capsule may have toxic amounts of heavy metals such as mercury or lead, and the herbal combination could be poisonous if the person were to take the capsules regularly. To ensure that the person looking to take these capsules does not get sick, it is best to buy from companies that print the ingredients on the bottle or packaging. If there are no ingredients listed, it is best to stay away from the capsules, because some ingredients can cause dangerous effects on the body, from teeth blackening to organ failure.

Ayurvedic capsules may be used to treat migraines.
Ayurvedic capsules may be used to treat migraines.

When a person takes any form of medication, he or she should see a physician to ensure the medication is healthy to use; this is especially true for ayurvedic capsules. This presents certain challenges, because many countries and regions do not use ayurvedic medication regularly, so most physicians may not be knowledgeable of the capsule's effect or hazards. Seeking out an ayurvedic expert, or a physician with ayurvedic knowledge, is incredibly important to ensuring that the patient does not get an incorrect opinion from the doctor.

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    • Ayurvedic capsules.
      By: tln
      Ayurvedic capsules.
    • Ayurvedic capsules may be used to treat migraines.
      By: kmiragaya
      Ayurvedic capsules may be used to treat migraines.
    • Ayurvedic supplements are sometimes marketed as a weight-loss aid.
      By: neomidavid
      Ayurvedic supplements are sometimes marketed as a weight-loss aid.