How Do I Choose the Best Adult Hula-Hoops®?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Choose the best adult Hula-Hoops® by first clearly determining what you will use a Hula-Hoop® for. Your options include things like weight loss, exercise and general recreation. Some people also engage in Hula-Hoop® classes for fun as well as to train for competitions. If you are using a Hula-Hoop® to work out with a video that uses hoops as exercise equipment, be sure to find out which ones are recommended for the precise type of workout exercises you will be doing. You may also want to consider your weight and height when choosing adult Hula-Hoops® and, if possible, even consider having one or more hoops custom made for yourself to assure that they will be a perfect fit.

Adult Hula-Hoops® for fitness may be used for a variety of exercises. Some are used in an effort to burn calories and achieve weight loss goals, while others are more suitable for a light aerobic workout. Many people also use Hula-Hoops® simply for a recreational workout. The adult Hula-Hoops® for exercise or recreation that you choose should coincide with your exact use. If you find that a Hula-Hoop® is too small, too heavy or too light, you may not receive the maximum benefit.

If you are using an adult Hula-Hoop® to exercise with a class or with a Hula-Hoop® workout video, it may be best to use hoops that are recommended by your instructor. Approaching other students or people you know who have taken similar classes before may also guide you in making a good decision when selecting Hula-Hoops®. Do not rush to make a purchase, but take your time to find the adult Hula-Hoops® that best fit your needs, your personal style and that you can most comfortably use.

Some people using adult Hula-Hoops® for sport and competition often prefer smaller, lightweight hoops that make performing tricks easier. Hoops with a smaller circumference are often easier to twirl around the arms and neck without causing an injury. Hoops that are too heavy, however, can be difficult to maneuver around the neck and can even cause a neck strain.

Taking your height, weight and body size into account, you may benefit from having your adult hoops customized. Many manufacturers specialize in different versions of Hula-Hoops® and even offer customized versions. If you are unable to find mass-marketed adult hoops that you are comfortable with, this may be a worthwhile consideration for you.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip