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How do I Become an Environmental Health Manager?

Simone Lawson
Simone Lawson

Environmental health managers work to educate, provide training and regulate government environmental practices in public and private operations. The regulations these managers enforce are put in place to ensure the quality of air, food and water in a particular area are maintained and kept safe from contamination. To become an environmental health manager, it is ideal to posses a bachelor’s degree in environmental science or a related field, complete internship training with a government operated environmental agency and complete a registration examination administered by local or national government agencies.

Those seeking to become an environmental health manager generally need special education and training. A bachelor’s degree in environmental science or environmental health will typically provide suitable training fundamentals for environmental health managers. Courses generally focus on environmental issues as well as procedures and regulations for protecting the environment and protecting humans and animals from environmental hazards.

An environmental health manager may oversee community health workers.
An environmental health manager may oversee community health workers.

Some environmental managers will go on to pursue advanced degrees in similar fields. Those seeking to become an environmental health manager may obtain a master’s degree in environmental law, public health or environmental health science. A master’s degree or a law degree will create a wider variety of job opportunities for environmental health managers and may provide opportunities for research and teaching in addition to performing regulation practices.

Securing an internship during undergraduate or graduate school will be useful for completing training after graduation. Most areas require environmental health workers to complete further internship training before becoming managers. Internship training may last one or two years depending on the country or region in which one wants to become an environmental health manager.

National and local government agencies will generally require an environmental health manager to become certified by the local authorities. An examination is typically given to test the candidate’s knowledge of environmental regulations and potential environmental health hazards. Once the examination has been passed, managers will be certified to operate in full management capacity.

Many environmental health managers will find employment with the agency in which they completed their internship training. Interns will often go on to work as health managers and may eventually become teachers or researchers for the agency. Some candidates may apply directly to national or federal agencies for employment. National agencies may offer jobs in various locations and often provide training and certification for those required to relocate.

Changing laws and environmental regulations require managers to stay educated on the latest environmental safety technology and preventative practices. Environmental health managers may be required to meet continuing education requirements with the changing and restructuring of laws. Managers may attend global or national conferences to become familiar with practices followed in other countries or regions.

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    • An environmental health manager may oversee community health workers.
      By: Rob
      An environmental health manager may oversee community health workers.