Why Would Massage Therapists Make House Calls?

M. Chambers
M. Chambers
Outcall massages allow customers to relax in their own home.
Outcall massages allow customers to relax in their own home.

Many massage therapists make house calls, and there are several reasons why they may choose to do so. Often times, new massage therapists prefer house calls because they do not have to rent office space and may not have the funds needed to start up a new business. Many therapists prefer to travel to the client's home instead of the client coming to them because they may not be comfortable with someone they do not know inside of their home. In addition, house calls increase business opportunities for most therapists, whether they have an office to work out of or not.

While many massage therapists work inside of an office or facility, there are also therapists who work on their own and travel to their clients for business. This is especially common amongst new massage therapists who are just starting out and trying to gain clientele. New therapists also may not have the money needed to rent a facility, and will need to work out of their own home or in the home of others. Many prefer to simply travel to their clients because it may be safer, and in addition, many clients prefer a therapist who comes to them.

Sometimes massage therapists make house calls because they can charge more for their services and convenience. It is usually much easier for a client to stay home and have a service come to them, which is why a therapist could possibly charge more for house calls. If the therapist also has a place of business, making house calls typically costs the therapist more time and money, and this is another reason why house calls are often more expensive for clients.

Even therapists who regularly work in a facility may make house calls because they increase business opportunities. There are many clients who do not want to travel to a spa to receive a massage and would rather someone travel to them. This is one of the biggest reasons massage therapists make house calls — a large percentage of clients prefer therapists who provide house call services. A therapist who does not do house calls may even be losing business as a result.

Many massage therapists make house calls because it can be more relaxing for both the client and the therapist. A customer may feel more comfortable and relaxed in his or her own home rather than a facility, especially if the home is a quiet and stress-free environment. When the customer is more relaxed, the therapist is often more comfortable, as well. It can also provide a more intimate experience for both parties, which often means a more relaxing and therapeutic massage.

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As long as a massage therapist is a professional and certified in what they do, I don't see a problem in a massage therapist making house calls. But massage therapists' or any similar professionals' certification should always be checked before hiring their services.


Mobile services are becoming more and more popular these days, so it's not surprising that massage therapists would make house calls as well.

I've not had a massage therapist come to my house, but I do have someone come over from the salon for waxing and threading, as well as for hair styling for special occasions.

We had several mobile beauticians and hair stylists over at our house for my cousin's wedding for example. It was so much easier than making reservations for everyone and driving them to and from the salon. The stylists brought everything they needed with them, did everyone's hair and makeup and left. It was so easy and convenient for everyone.


My close friend has a massage therapist visit her at home. She says it's more convenient for her and it's also better to have the massage done in the privacy of her own home.

I actually agree with her. For people who are very busy and do not have a lot of time for these types of things, it's best to have someone visit home for the services. Some people also do not feel comfortable visiting salons and spas for massage as they do not think that it is very private.

It also has advantages for independent massage therapists, as the article said, as they do not need to rent a place or invest in equipment.

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    • Outcall massages allow customers to relax in their own home.
      Outcall massages allow customers to relax in their own home.