Why Should I Consider a Remote Alarm for my House?

Paul Woods
Paul Woods
Studies show that remote alarms are an effective deterrent to break-ins.
Studies show that remote alarms are an effective deterrent to break-ins.

A remote alarm system for a home should be considered because it increases the overall value of a home burglar alarm in two primary ways. The remote function enhances the protection afforded by the system and offers the homeowner added convenience. These benefits can be enhanced with the sophistication of the capabilities of the remote system.

Studies have shown that burglar alarms are among the most effective deterrents for home break-ins, but the effectiveness decreases with those who do not set the alarms. A remote alarm system increases the chance the alarm will be set, particularly if the home owner forgets to set the alarm on the way out of the home and does not want to go back in. Reducing false alarms also helps increase the effectiveness of the home alarm system. With a remote alarm system, homeowners can deactivate the alarm externally if it was incorrectly set, and can turn the alarm off instantly if it activates on entering the home.

A remote alarm system offers value to a homeowner in terms of convenience as well. Typically, a home alarm system is activated on a time delay with the homeowner keying in a sequence of numbers in a key pad starting a countdown to exit the house and close doors before the system activates. A remote system allows the homeowner to exit the home at the pace he or she desires, then activate the alarm with the push of a button.

Similarly, entering a home with an activated alarm requires the homeowner to get to the alarm key pad in a required number of seconds and key in the alarm code. This can be challenging if hands are full, if the homeowner is responsible for small children, or if it is not convenient to rush from the door to the key pad. A remote alarm system allows the homeowner to turn the alarm off before entering the home making it easier to carry in packages, watch children or remain at the doorway.

Remote alarm systems typically include the capability to turn the alarm on or off with the push of a button on a small, hand-held device, which often can fit on a key chain. More sophisticated devices contain a panic button that immediately sets the alarm off when pushed, particularly useful if the homeowner returns home and spots an intruder. The remote alarms also can have the capability to alert the homeowner of the alarm system's status, whether it is activated or not, when in proximity to the home.

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@Sporkasia - I agree that being able to see live pictures of what's going on in your house from miles away is impressive, but the last thing I want when I go on vacation is to see my home. At some point, you just have to lock the door and go on with your life.

Let's face it, there is no way to guarantee that your home isn't going to be robbed. I'd rather it happen while I'm away than when I'm at home.


With all of the latest remote alarm systems and remote monitoring systems, it's virtually like you never have to leave home. Recently, I was talking with a lady seated beside me on the plane as we were waiting for everyone to board.

She pulled out her phone and said I have to check and make sure everything is secure at the house before we take off. Then she begins to explain how her home security system works and how she can control and check everything from her phone.

Sure enough, she shows me the phone and I can see her house because she is able to pickup the security camera feed on her phone. Isn't technology wonderful?


I have never used a home alarm system. Honestly, I just never took the time to think about them. Now that I own my first house, I am considering buying an alarm system. The only problem is I'm not sure whether they are worth the money and aggravation.

However, now that I read in this article that alarm systems are one of the best ways of preventing break-ins, I think I will probably get one. Though I have no experience with alarms, I have seem TV shows and movies where people are rushing out of the house trying to beat the alarm, and rushing in to the control panel to deactivate the alarm, so I can see why a remote alarm would be a big convenience.

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    • Studies show that remote alarms are an effective deterrent to break-ins.
      By: Robert Hoetink
      Studies show that remote alarms are an effective deterrent to break-ins.