Why Don't Disneyland Cast Members Ever Point?

Disneyland employees, called "cast members," indicate with a palm or two fingers because pointing with one finger is considered rude. Walt Disney worked very hard to set up his amusement parks to have a high-quality, wholesome appearance. He felt requiring higher standards would distinguish his park from other amusement parks with less-than-stellar reputations.

More Disney Facts:

  • Male cast members are not allowed to have long hair — in the early days of the park, they couldn't even have facial hair.

  • When the park opened, high standards weren't only held to cast members, but also to visitors. Male visitors weren't allowed to have long hair and female visitors might be turned away if trying to enter wearing a tube top.

  • Disney cast members must stay the vicinity of their character's land when in costume — Cinderella won't be seen in Tomorrowland; cast members dressed in full costume, such as Mickey Mouse, are not allowed to speak while in costume.
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