Why Does Everyone Put Their Pots and Pans under the Stove?

You know that drawer underneath the oven, where you throw all the saucepan lids, cookie sheets, and muffin tins? Manufacturers say that it's actually a warming drawer, and you’re supposed to be using it to keep hot foods at serving temperature, especially when you’re making an elaborate meal for a lot of guests. Who knew? However, it’s important to know that this drawer isn’t designed for cooking food, just for keeping it warm after it comes out of the oven.

Kitchens of the past:

  • The first cast iron stove was invented in 1795 by Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford. It had a single fire source and the temperature could be regulated for several pots at the same time.
  • The first commercial gas stove, designed by James Sharp, hit the market in 1834. The gas stove was easier to regulate and required less upkeep than wood or coal stoves.
  • Electric stoves were first used in the 1890s, following the introduction of home electricity. The Amana Corporation, a subsidiary of Raytheon, introduced the first microwave in 1967, but the high price and the public's fear of radiation delayed its acceptance.
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I have never put pans and lids in my stove bottom drawer. I keep aluminum foil, rolls of plastic wrap, and boxes of sandwich, storage, and freezer bags in my drawer. It's the perfect place! Very handy.

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