Why Do Viking Helmets Have Horns?

Contrary to many popular depictions of Vikings, there is no good evidence that they ever wore horned helmets. The notion that Viking helmets were adorned with horns likely comes from 19th century representations of Vikings, such as opera costumes. Many historians also note that horned helmets just don't make much sense, because the horns could easily get tangled in foliage or could be grabbed by an enemy soldier.

More about the Vikings:

  • There is strong evidence that the Vikings were concerned about personal hygiene and grooming, because archaeologists have found several types of Viking grooming equipment.

  • Examinations of ancient Nordic skulls reveal fewer differences in facial structure between the sexes than there are in modern times. Investigators have had difficulty differentiating between male and female skulls.

  • There is evidence that horned helmets might have been worn as ceremonial garb by Nordic priests.

More Info: www.smithsonianmag.com

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True it really is a fascinating and truly a distraction from the most important mystery surrounding these men, which was not their helmets, with or without horns, but where they went.

The Inuit (eskimo) people say they went north, way farther, where the temperatures are warmer, to the place they believe their ancestors inhabit. Well if so, they must be neighbors with Vikings in the land of Shambala.

The earth is hollow. Believe it, research it, stop your ignorance and listen to somebody other than our established institutions and media. We have been lied to long enough. You have a computer with Internet access you can find the truth. Don't wait. Do it now, there is already a plan in motion to limit and restrict this open source of communication and access to truth.

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