Who Killed the Romanovs? (with picture)

Diana Bocco
Diana Bocco
In March 1917, the family was exiled to Siberia, where they spent the following four months as prisoners of the revolution.
In March 1917, the family was exiled to Siberia, where they spent the following four months as prisoners of the revolution.

The Romanovs were the last imperial family to rule Russia. With their rule encompassing over a hundred years, from 1613 to 1917 AD, they were mostly well-liked and respected by the populace, despite the social and political unrest that hit the country at times. The last members of this family were Nicholas II and Alexandra Fyodorovna, and their five children Anastasia, Olga, Maria, Tatiana, and Alexei.

Alexei, the long-awaited heir to the throne, suffered from hemophilia, which prompted his desperate mother to seek help from a number of sources, until she finally found solace in the hands of Rasputin. The monk eventually became such an influence in the royal family that he started advising on state matters, including the nomination of ministers. This led to the formation of a revolutionary group, the Soviet Bolsheviks, who killed Rasputin and later on put the Romanovs under house arrest. In March 1917, the family was exiled to Siberia, where they spent the following four months as prisoners of the revolution.

It was on the midnight of 17 July 1918 that the Romanovs were killed. Yakov Yurovsky, the head of the Bolshevik revolution, took the prisoners to the basement. Accompanied by a small army of 10 soldiers, he read an execution note to the Romanovs and then proceeded to shoot them at point-blank range. Aside from the family members, several household staff members were also killed, including the family doctor, the cook, and the nanny. According to some reports, some of the family did not die from the shots, and were then attacked by the soldiers using bayonets and riffle butts.

Disposing of the bodies proved to be a rather difficult feat. The Romanovs were first buried in an old iron mine outside Yekaterinburg but captors then decided that the bodies were too easy to find there. They then tried to burn the remains, but water from the mine had dampened the clothes enough that they would not catch on fire. Finally, the Bolshevik army decided to move the bodies to a different location and started digging a hole in which to bury them. Before they could finish their work, the White Army took over Yekaterinburg and the bodies were quickly recovered.

Over the past few decades, much controversy has surrounded the Romanovs. Two bodies were missing from the pit, which led to the speculation that some members of the family had survived the massacre. The most common theory points to Anastasia and Alexei as the missing bodies. Several women have, in fact, claimed to be Anastasia, the most notable being Anna Anderson, who passed away in 1984. Anderson's body was cremated upon her death in 1984. The mystery of who, if anybody, survived the killing of the Romanovs, is still pending.

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Wasn't the DNA contaminated? So it might not be her? And the bodies were chopped up?


This is a very sad story for one beautiful family.


@anon270325: That technology simply didn't exist in the early 20th century. There's just no way it could have happened. And considering Alexei had hemophilia, it's doubtful he would have survived long, anyway.

As I said in an earlier comment, it's a nice fairytale to imagine at least one of the children survived, but there were no survivors.


A hypothetical question: If DNA by way of blood and platelets and a tooth or two were taken from both Alexei and Maria at an older age and then those fragments and blood somehow infused into other bones of children that would suit the purpose, would this also give the same result? Would this be at all possible?


well how confusing this info is. weird. i thought that they had to search for the bodies.


i don't know why, but i feel so sad about this. they were just like other family and shouldn't have been killed, especially the children.


They were killed as payback. During the American civil war- when it looked like the south might win- England and France were considering coming into the conflict to pick the bones of America. Abe Lincoln went to the European bankers(Rothschilds) to borrow money to finance the North the interest rate was out of sight so Lincoln issued "Greenbacks" money not debt based but simply issued by the government and spent into circulation.

The Tsar of Russia Alexander II (a Romanov) who had great dislike for the European bankers (refused Russian central bank) sent half the Russian fleet to anchor in New York and half to San Francisco with the warning that any power interfering in the American Civil War would be an act of war against Russia. The breakup of the American union was of paramount importance to the Rothschilds as a strong America would foil their plans for an American central bank (Federal Reserve).

Lincoln's murder was payback by the Rothschilds for issuing non-debt based money outside the central bank. The murders of the Romanovs was payback for their meddling in the break up of the American Union.

Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the US, made one of his top priorities stopping a federal reserve type central bank, and the Rothschild tried to assassinate him. John Kennedy with executive order # 11110 (ordered treasury to issue debt free money- like Lincoln) again the Rothschilds killed him.

The US Federal Reserve is a private corporation whose owners are secret-the law that formed it was rammed through congress by Rothschild agents. The Federal Reserve creates a "usury debt based economy" that will turn the citizens into surfs. The Federal Reserve is not part of the federal government. See Charles Pinckney, delegate from South Carolina and his diary of Ben Franklin's speeches at the Constitutional Convention of 1785 regarding people like the Rothschilds. Franklin knew about these bloodsuckers as he hung out with the royalty of Europe who had first hand experience with them.


@Anon145955: The bodies of all four grand-duchesses, including Anastasia, have been accounted for. In 2009, the final findings on the bodies found at Ekaterinberg were published. Tsarevich Alexei and his four sisters were all killed and the DNA results have conclusively proved their identity. Anastasia died at the age of 17, having never married or had children.

It was a nice fairytale, but there's no truth to the story she survived.


i think they should test the bodies to see if it is her. please post it on the news because i really need to know. i know this is weird but i am a descendant of her and i really want to know if she survived. please tell me. thank you.


this helps a lot. i am also doing a history report on this so thanks for the info.


this is great as i'm doing a history assessment on it. thanks.


The white army did not quickly recover the bodies. It took until 1979 for the first 9 bodies to be excavated by Aleksandr Avdonin. Communists were still in power, so fearing for his safety he reburied the bodies until they were recovered by the KGB in 1991, when an official archaeological investigation was carried out.


Th Bodies of Alexei and Anastasia were later found in the early nineties and are now concealed in a Tomb with the rest of the family. posted by Jack.R.Coates.

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    • In March 1917, the family was exiled to Siberia, where they spent the following four months as prisoners of the revolution.
      In March 1917, the family was exiled to Siberia, where they spent the following four months as prisoners of the revolution.