Which Monopoly Properties are Best?

Tactically, the best properties to buy in the game of Monopoly are the orange ones — in the original version, Tennessee Avenue, New York Avenue, and St. James Place. These are the properties that are statistically landed on the most. The best strategy, however, is to simply buy up every property you come across as you move around the board, except for the train stations and utilities.

Other little-known game strategies:

  • In paper, rock, scissors, you're best off going with scissors. According to surveys, most people think that rock feels the strongest, and so they go with paper to beat it, leaving the ones who choose scissors coming out on top.

  • If you want a sure-fire win at Connect Four, then try to get the ends of your rows in either all even or all odd columns. If your opponent goes for odd, then you should go for even, and vice versa.

  • Scrabble aficionados have some strategic help too. The two main strategies of top Scrabble players are learning some good two-letter words — for example, "xu" (a unit of Vietnamese currency) and "aa" (a type of lava) — and then keep on the lookout for good seven-letter words that you can use to get the 50 point bonus. Also, remember to make use of "ing" and "s" to extend words and get more points.
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You rarely actually get to play seven-letter words and get the 50 point bonus. Since you have to play off an existing tile, they're almost always eight-letter words.


I always went for the orange, but also went for all the railroads because it was as hard to do as getting both Boardwalk and Park Place.


My brother used to beat me all the time and his strategy seemed to be that he would buy practically anything that he landed on (except utilities I think).

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