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Which Hair Products can I Use to Treat Split Ends?

Diana Bocco
Diana Bocco

No matter how well you take care of your hair, at one time or another you will have to treat split ends. The result of many factors, including summer sun, swimming pools, harsh cleansers, and over-processing, split ends can be managed with just some basic procedures. While many people think the only way to treat split ends is to cut their hair, the truth is that cutting your hair only gets rid of the split ends you see, while usually the hair is damaged way beyond the end. Cutting about one inch of your hair can slow down further splitting, but only treatment can completely stop it.

The best way to treat split ends is to prevent them in the first place by deep-conditioning your hair frequently. A good quality conditioner should be rich and creamy but leave no residue on the hair. If your hair is dry, shampoo less frequently to prevent further damage, and minimize exposure to the elements, using a hat if you're spending a lot of time in the sun.

Plastic bottles of shampoo.
Plastic bottles of shampoo.

Reducing the use of curling irons and hairdryers also helps, as the intense heat contributes to hair splitting. If cutting down on drying time is not an option, you can treat split ends by using thermal protection products, which are designed to prevent heat damage. If at all possible, let your hair air dry. Another way to treat split ends is to be nicer to your hair. Use a soft brush rather than one with plastic bristles, and be especially gentle when your hair is wet, as it becomes more fragile and prone to breakage.

Coconut oil is a popular option to treat split ends.
Coconut oil is a popular option to treat split ends.

There are a few home remedies to treat split ends at home. One is to mix vitamin E capsules with warm water and apply the mixture to your hair when wet. Plain coconut oil and almond oil are other great options: they can be left overnight or applied after washing. If you choose the second option, cover your head with a wet warm towel or a plastic shower cap for about 20 minutes to help the hair absorb the oils better.

Not matter how you choose to treat split ends, remember than healthy eating also contributes to hair health, so make sure you consume a balanced diet, or consider taking a multivitamin to balance your food intake.

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ColdRain- No, washing your hair on a daily basis alone will not cause you to produce more split ends. But washing your hair everyday means that you are likely using blow dryers and other styling tools on a more frequent basis. Using heat styling tools everyday will definitely cause split ends. It is best to wash your hair every 2 or 3 days to give your hair a break from constant styling.

However, washing your hair on a daily basis can cause it to become drier. You strip your hair of natural oils every time you wash your hair. These oils are needed to keep your hair moist and smooth.


Can washing your hair on a daily basis cause it to become dry and produce more split ends?

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    • Plastic bottles of shampoo.
      By: Dessie
      Plastic bottles of shampoo.
    • Coconut oil is a popular option to treat split ends.
      By: alexmisu
      Coconut oil is a popular option to treat split ends.
    • Damaged hair cuticles lead to split ends.
      By: elavuk81
      Damaged hair cuticles lead to split ends.