Which Country Has the Most Pigs?

China has more pigs than the rest of the pig-producing countries in the world combined. Almost half a billion pigs were raised in China in 2008, compared to 65 million pigs in the U.S., which is the second largest pig producer. There is one pig per every three people in China.

More Little Piggy Facts:

  • In 2001, four-fifths of the total meat production in China came from pigs.

  • Each year, 56 billion animals are slaughtered for food worldwide. Nearly 101 million tons (91 billion kilograms) of pork were processed for food in 2007, compared to 67 million tons (almost 61 billion kilograms) of beef.

  • Animals raised for food eat almost half of world's crop production.
More Info: Business Insider; United Nations Environmental Programme

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