Which Country Exports the Most Fruit?

Germany is the world's second-largest exporter of fruit, after China. Germany exports more than $500 million US Dollars (USD) worth of fruit per year, followed closely by the United States and Thailand. Most of the fruit that Germany exports is sent to Poland, Austria, Sweden and Denmark.

More facts about fruit:

  • The world's leading producer of kiwi fruit is not New Zealand, as many people think. It's actually Italy, which produces almost a billion pounds (about 450 million kg) of kiwi fruits a year.

  • The country that exports the most fruit to the U.S. is Mexico. Mexico also happens to be the world's largest producer of avocados, lemons and limes.

  • The world's most popular fruit is the tomato. More than 200 billion pounds (about 90 billion kg) of tomatoes are produced yearly, primarily by China and the U.S.
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I read South Africa is the second largest fruit exporter. How true is that?


I think as a lot of developing nations grow and expand their economy and add more trade partners to the list, we see them starting to overtake on exports, especially in fruits. And many of these places like Mexico, the Philippines, Chile and Brazil have exotic tropical fruits that the world is developing a taste for.

I know for example that Japan used to buy a lot of fruits from the U.S. but now prefer Philippines because they can get papaya and other tropical fruits from there.

I've also traveled in Eastern Europe and have noticed tropical fruits like pepinos, avacados and mangoes in places I would have never expected.


I think a lot of the fresh fruit here in Canada come from the U.S. All of the oranges and grapes I buy at the market certainly do. But not much to be surprised about there. Countries neighboring each other always export to each other. U.S. and Canada are pretty big trade partners.


I can't believe that Germany is the second largest fruit exporter. I would have never thought! Which fruit do they export the most?

I think there are other countries that produce more fresh fruit than Germany (other than China) but they do not export as much as they could.

Germany must be ahead on exports because of their wise economic policies, benefit of being in the EU, and advanced technology that allows them to grow and transport fruit more easily.

Do you think there is any other reason for it?

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