Which College Majors Are Most Likely to Lead to Full-Time Jobs?

According to the US Census Bureau, people whose college majors were in math, business, computer science or statistics are more likely to hold full-time jobs after graduation. Many of these fields lead to high-paying jobs as well. For example, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that biomedical engineering is probably the best college major in terms of providing future career stability and compensation. Entry-level employees who have a degree in biomedical engineering earn a median annual salary of $53,800 US Dollars, and job opportunities in the field were expected to increase by more than 60% from 2010 to 2020.

More about college majors:

  • College degrees in anthropology, social sciences and the arts tend to lead to higher unemployment rates and offer lower salaries than those in the hard sciences or healthcare.

  • In a survey of employers, almost half said there is a lot of competition for entry-level workers who have backgrounds in engineering or science, which increases the compensation offers for those people.

  • Some careers that offer both good pay and job security do not require a bachelor's degree. Many of those jobs are in the fields of healthcare, sales and office administration.

More Info: www.bls.gov

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