Where Can One Not Buy Coca Cola?

Coca Cola is the most heavily distributed product in the world and is available in approximately 200 countries, but there are two countries in which one cannot buy Coca Cola as of 2013: Cuba and North Korea. The drink has never been sold in North Korea, but it did used to be available in Cuba; in fact, Cuba was one of the first countries outside of the US to bottle Coca Cola. The company stopped offering its products in Cuba after 1960, when Fidel Castro began seizing private assets in Cuba.

More about Coca Cola:

  • Coca Cola is often viewed as a symbol of America and capitalism; therefore, it has been banned periodically throughout history by anti-capitalism governments, including China, East Germany, and the Soviet Union.
  • During World War II, Coca Cola was not subject to sugar rationing when producing beverages for the military because of a high demand by military officials.
  • The first illustrations of Santa Claus as a jolly bearded man in a red suit were in Coca Cola ads in the 1930s.
More Info: coca-colacompany.com

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