What Should I Consider When Buying Motorcycle Tires?

Felicia Dye

Investing in maintenance is one of the responsibilities that comes with owning a motorcycle. Buying tires falls into this category, but it is often not as clear cut as it sounds. There are a number of things that you need to consider when purchasing motorcycle tires. These include where you will buy them, how much you will pay for them, and the warranty that you will get.

Off road motorcycle riders should buy tires that are designed for use over unpaved terrain.
Off road motorcycle riders should buy tires that are designed for use over unpaved terrain.

A common mistake that motorcycle owners make is buying tires with the wrong things in mind. Many focus only on appearance and price. Tires are essential parts of your bike and before you spend your money, you should educate yourself about the differences between the various tires and which are best for your bike.

Soft-rubber motorcycle tires tend to wear out quickly.
Soft-rubber motorcycle tires tend to wear out quickly.

You will have to make a decision about how long you want your motorcycle tires to last. Soft rubber is usually appreciated for the amount of traction that it provides. Soft rubber is not, however, as impressive when you consider how long the tires last. These motorcycle tires are known to wear out much quicker.

Consider whether you have enough money to replace both tires. If the answer is no but there is a definite need for the replacement of one tire, make sure your purchase matches the remaining old tire. It is unadvisable to ride on tires with different constructions.

Many people have started to rely on the connection between buying goods on the Internet and saving money. Before you apply this strategy to buying motorcycle tires, realize that you could actually find yourself spending more money. If you buy tires on the Internet, you must either mount them yourself or have someone else perform the task. If you will need to have someone else do the mounting, you should get estimates for that beforehand.

If you decide to buy from a store, shop around for the best deal. Many people get everything that they need for their motorcycles from one particular bike shop. This may be because they think they cannot find what they need elsewhere or because they are loyal customers. If a bargain can be found, and the terms are agreeable, however, you should take it. An example of a bargain that you may want to look for is an offer for free mounting with your purchase.

Consider the tires' warranty. Do not assume that a manufacturer's warranty automatically applies. Also, do not assume that a purchase from a store entitles you to an in-store warranty. If you purchase your motorcycle tires over the Internet from a source other than an authorized dealer, you should realize that you may forfeit your chances for any type of warranty.

Ideally, rear and front tires are changed at the same time.
Ideally, rear and front tires are changed at the same time.

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There a number of things that you need to consider when buying tires so that they will be of service to you. These include but not narrowed to;


The durability of the motorcycle tire is a very important consideration. It determines how long the tire will be of service to you. To find out the tire durability, you need to consult your mechanic or other touring motorcycle owners who have used the same tire you want to buy previously. Ask the m about the durability f the tire. How long the tire took them and the proper maintenance tip. If they are all praises about it, then take it. It is advisable not to ask the tire seller because no one will tell you the drawbacks of a product they are selling. This research from other motorists will ensure that you get the best touring motorcycle tires.

Strength or Quality

The strength of the tire is determined by the material it is made from. Find out the best materials that make up a good motorcycle tire. This you can get by looking at several manufacturers and read the material that has been used by most manufacturers. This proves that such a material is good and it has high competition. When you are buying new motorcycle tires, check out for those that are made of strong materials. Strong tires enhance the performance of your motorcycle. This is why it is vital that you acquire strong tires.

Expiry Date

This is another thing that most motorists overlook, whereas it is very important to consider. The expiry is denoted by the letters “DOT”. This helps you know when the touring motorcycle tires will expire. Some stores sell expired tires and this is wrong because, once you buy already expired tire, they will take you only for a limited duration. This is because their quality and performance is down and they cannot withstand extreme exposures that tires are depicted to. This is why it is important that you check the expiry date of the touring motorcycle tires you are about to buy, to avoid buying already expiring or about to expire tires.

Type of Motorcycle

Your type of motorcycle also determines the tires you buy. This is because different motorcycles are deliberated for different purposes. The tires used by an off-road motorcycle are different from those used by a normal motorcycle used for transport purposes. Whereas an off-road motorcycle requires very strong tires, a motorcycle used on smooth roads does not need such strong ones. But this does not mean that it cannot use the strong tires. However, this is not the case with off-road purpose motorcycle; this one cannot use tires designed for an on-road motorcycle. They will get worn out quickly. This makes it important to consider the purpose of your touring motorcycle in order to buy the tires that suit it best.

The above considerations will help you get durable, high performance and long lasting touring motorcycle tires. Consider them and see the difference!

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