What Should I Consider When Buying Mahogany Doors?

Nychole Price

Mahogany doors are used on the inside and outside of homes and businesses to add a touch of beauty and elegance. When choosing which mahogany doors to purchase, there are a couple things that must be taken into consideration. These consideration include whether the doors are for exterior or interior use, what style you are looking for, custom features you desire and how much you are willing to spend.

Mahogany doors can add a touch of beauty and elegance to homes and businesses.
Mahogany doors can add a touch of beauty and elegance to homes and businesses.

Mahogany doors are most commonly used as entry doors on the exterior of the home. This is because the exterior doors have many different elegant features to accentuate the door. When choosing an exterior mahogany door, you must decide if you want single or double doors, also known as french doors.

Double doors make a home look more inviting and allow easier access when moving furniture and appliances in and out. French doors take up a lot of room on a wall, so space must be taken into consideration. Due to the space constraints of most homes these days, double doors are not as popular as a single doors, making them unique to homes. Solid wood double mahogany exterior doors cost between $1,500 to $2,000 US Dollars (USD). Exterior doors usually aren't available in veneer finishes, as they don't weather well.

Single mahogany doors are less expensive than french doors, for obvious reasons. All mahogany doors are available in slabs, pre-drilled or pre-hung. Slab style means the door doesn't have any holes or hardware attached. Pre-drilled refers to a door with the holes for the knob and hinges already drilled. Pre-hung means the doors are already hanging in their frame, allowing them to be opened and closed. Single exterior doors vary in cost from $800 to $1200 USD, without custom features.

A majority of exterior doors are available with custom features. Mahogany doors can be purchased with frosted glass, glass panes and wrought iron inserts. There are also designs that incorporate glass and wrought iron designs together. These features can increase the cost of the doors by as much as $1,000 USD.

Mahogany interior doors are available in solid wood or with a mahogany veneer finish. Both styles can have raised or flat panels, meeting the design ideas of most people. Like exterior doors, these doors are available with glass features such as panels or frosted designs. Solid doors cost between $500 to $800 USD dollars while veneer doors range in cost from $200 to $400 USD.

Doors that are being used to separate the garage from the rest of the house must be fire-rated. This means that the door has a solid core, whether it is solid wood or wood veneer. This allows the door to withstand fire for 20 to 90 minutes, depending upon the door purchased. The prices for this type of door varies dramatically depending upon rating, size and whether it is solid or wood veneer.

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I think than anyone considering mahogany doors should evaluate his or her home decor first. I have mahogany doors, and they look great with contrasting colors and jewel tones. However, I don't think they would look right in a home that has a lot of white trim and contemporary decor.


I recommend that anyone who is thinking about buying mahogany doors choose those made of solid wood over wood veneer. Though they are more costly, they last much longer.

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