What Should I Consider When Buying Bi-Folding Doors?

Erika Peterson

There are a few things you should consider when buying bi-folding doors. Just remember that not all doors are the same. You should not simple pick a nice looking door and have it installed. If you do you are sure to run into a problem or two, whether it is during the initial installation or sometime down the road.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

When buying bi-folding doors it is important to consider three main factors. The first factor is where the doors will be placed and the atmosphere of that area. You will also need to keep in mind the size of the space where the doors will be placed. Finally, remember to consider style. You will want your bi-folding doors to match the rest of your home’s décor.

There are three main types of bi-folding doors; however, they are not the only types that are available on the retail market today. The three most common types include: solid, louver panel and hollow core louver. These doors are used throughout buildings and homes, but they also have common and popular uses.

A solid bi-folding door is just as it sounds, solid. No air passes through this type of bi-folding door. For that reason it is most popular for use in and around a bathroom. It is the best choice for a bathroom because it is solid and the moisture-filled air cannot pass through the door and damage the interior.

When buying bi-folding doors for a closet most people choose a louver panel or hollow louver door. A louver panel door is the most common type of bi-folding door that is made today; however, a hollow core louver bi-folding door has always been the most popular for use in home closet areas. Hollow core doors are popular for closets because of their easy installation and use.

Once you select the type of bi-folding door that you want to use you need to consider the size and style of the door. The size of the door depends on the size of your opening. While some doors can be cut to fit, it is not an easy task and it means moving the door’s hardware. It is best to buy doors that fit your opening. That way they can be easily installed.

The right style of bi-folding door depends on personal taste. The doors should ideally match your current interior doors style, color and hardware. Keep in mind that you may have to paint them yourself. Just remember to buy stain grade or paint grade depending on your needs.

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We have a closet in our entry way that I use to store coats. These closet doors are solid panel doors that open wide so you can see the entire closet.

I think that is what I like most about bi-fold doors. When you open them up, you have access to the full closet, not just a tiny space in front of a single door.

Having these closet entry doors right next to the outside door is also very handy. I always try to leave enough space here to hang coats when we have company. These doors are painted a neutral color so no matter what color of paint I have on the wall, they will blend in.


I like everything about my bi-folding closet doors except they don't ever shut right. This must have something to do with the tracking or the way they were installed.

These are a louver panel style of doors and I like that they have room for air to circulate. This way the clothes in the closet have room to breathe and don't smell stale if the closet hasn't been opened for awhile.

I am sure this is something that can be fixed, but I just keep closing them as far as they will go and leave it at that. There is always a small gap that shouldn't be there if they had been installed correctly.

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