What Should I Consider When Buying a Used Jet Ski?

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

As with other vehicles, you will likely have a good deal to consider when you opt to purchase a used jet ski. For example, you will likely need to learn as much as you can about jet skis, their features, and how they work before you can make an educated decision. Then, you might have to decide between a commercial and private seller, and question each seller you are considering about his particular jet ski — and know what types of questions to ask. Additionally, physical inspections and test drives may also prove critical in making the right choice.

Learning everything one can about jet skis is a good starting point before buying a used one.
Learning everything one can about jet skis is a good starting point before buying a used one.

When you are trying to choose the best used jet ski, it is usually important to learn as much about them as possible. You will likely, for example, do well to learn about the most well-known jet ski types and models as well as which features typically come standard. You might also research extra features that aren't required but could enhance your experience with the jet ski. Additionally, you will likely want to learn about the expected longevity of a jet ski — this way, you can make an effort to choose one that still has a lot of life left in it.

You may also consider the seller when you are trying to choose the best used jet ski. You might consider buying from a commercial seller, especially if the company offers warranties or low-cost repair plans. Such options may increase your confidence in buying a used model since they are designed to ensure that you get your money's worth, even if something goes wrong with the used jet ski. Private sellers, on the other hand, are often willing to offer lower prices, but you may take on more of a risk when buying from them.

Once you've begun to look for a used jet ski to purchase, you may do well to ask each seller pertinent questions about his particular jet ski. For example, you will likely want to know how long each seller has owned his jet ski and how often he has used it. You may also want to question whether the jet ski has had mechanical problems in the past and whether it has been repaired. You might even ask who repaired the jet ski, such as a mechanic versus the owner himself, and request a list of any parts that have been replaced.

An inspection is usually critical when you are trying to choose a used jet ski. If you are not knowledgeable of mechanical things, you may do well to take along a mechanic who is familiar with jet skis for the inspection. Typically, you'll need to inspect the jet ski's engine and other mechanical parts as well as its body. When you've narrowed your choices down to just a few, you might also find a test drive helpful for making your final selection.

Nicole Madison
Nicole Madison

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