What Should I Consider When Buying a Basement Vent?

Shannon Kietzman

A basement vent, also commonly referred to as a foundation vent, can be an essential part of keeping a basement dry. Basements have a tendency to become damp as moisture seeps in through the foundation or as condensation builds up. A basement vent helps improve air circulation in the basement and prevents it from getting damp. Similarly, the basement vent can be critical in drying out a basement that has become wet for one reason or another.

Vents may help with dampness issues in basements.
Vents may help with dampness issues in basements.

When looking for a basement vent, there are many things you should consider. First of all, you do not want to change your basement vent any time soon. It should be a semi-permanent fixture in your foundation. As such, you need to purchase a basement vent that will not rot after being exposed to water, air, or the underground. It should also be waterproof and leak proof, while still allowing air to flow properly.

A basement vent should also be weatherproof, meaning it can withstand any climatic conditions, and resistant to corrosion. This is particularly important if you live in an area that has four true seasons and, as a result, experiences severe fluctuations in temperature throughout the year. A basement vent should also be resistant to ultraviolet rays, termites, and fungus in order to prevent deterioration.

To aid in installation, your basement vent should be easy to install and capable of holding nails or other objects used to hold it in place. The basement vent should also be easy to work with so you can alter it to suit your purposes. You should be able to sand, chisel, drill, or saw the basement vent if necessary.

Of course, your basement vent should also be attractive, and it should be colorfast in order to prevent fading. Otherwise, you might find yourself disappointed in the appearance of your basement vent within a few years after installation. To reduce the maintenance necessary for your basement vent, choose a model that will not require a paint job to remain attractive.

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