What Is Wood Glue?

Misty Amber Brighton

Wood glue is very useful for a number of projects around the house. This woodworking adhesive is designed to hold two pieces of wood together and is often used in conjunction with a metal clamp. It is a white or yellow liquid that is of medium consistency, so it can easily be squirted from a bottle. A carpenter may purchase this product from a home improvement or craft supply store.

Wood glue.
Wood glue.

This type of glue is normally white in color but may sometimes be pale yellow. Woodworking adhesive is not usually runny, yet is thin enough to be squirted from a bottle. When placed on an object, it spreads easily and does not typically clump up like a paste does. Most brands contain a light odor, which may not be noticeable when only a small amount of product is being used.

A carpenter may use wood glue when building small woodworking projects.
A carpenter may use wood glue when building small woodworking projects.

The purpose of wood glue is to hold two pieces of wood together. This is normally done by placing a few drops of the product on one of the pieces and then pressing the other one firmly against it. Small pieces of wood may only need to have adhesive placed on the corners, while larger sections could require several drops along the edges as well.

A carpenter may use wood glue to repair broken furniture or create small woodworking projects such as shelves or plaques. When used in this manner, wooden pieces may be held together with a clamp until the glue has completely dried. It may also be used for craft projects such as gluing wooden beads or making Christmas ornaments. Projects such as these normally do not require the use of a clamp, but the project should nonetheless be left undisturbed while the glue is drying in order to achieve best results.

Wood glue can be purchased in many different sizes, and the right one can depend on how it is being used. Small bottles are typically between eight and 16 ounces (.23 to.46 kg). These are good choices for a crafter who wants to complete a few simple projects. Woodworking adhesive can also be purchased in one-gallon (3.79 l) containers, which might be ideal for a carpenter to use when building several pieces of large furniture.

This type of glue is generally safe and easy to use, even for beginners. Children should nonetheless be supervised while using this product, as wood glue can be harmful if it is exposed to the eyes or swallowed. Spills should be wiped up immediately with a damp cloth, as it can be difficult to remove woodworking adhesive once it has dried.

Wood glue may be used to put furniture pieces together.
Wood glue may be used to put furniture pieces together.

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While wood glue is easy to use and clean up after, it can damage clothing. If you get it on your clothes, soak them immediately to avoid permanent glue marks. If you can't wash them right away, use a laundry pre-treatment to help prevent damage.


If you are looking for the best wood glue for your wood project, do not skimp and buy the cheapest on the market. Sometimes these cheap glues do not hold very well.

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