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What Is Whole Grain Sprouted Bread?

Glyn Sinclair
Glyn Sinclair

Whole grain sprouted bread is bread that has been baked with grains that have already germinated, or sprouted. Various types of grain sprouts can be used, including wheat sprouts, barley, maize, lentils and oats. The grains are soaked in a thin layer of water and allowed to sprout, then are ground up before baking to produce nutty-flavored loaves. This process of sprouting the grains is said to provide added health benefits over grains that have simply been milled into flour prior to germination.

Vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin E, niacin and iron, are said to be more abundant in whole grain sprouted bread. This is because of the apparent reduction of phytic acid in the sprouted grain. Phytic acid is notoriously difficult for humans to digest. The sprouting process also allows starches and iron to be much more easily absorbed in the digestive tract.

Oats are a type of cereal grass.
Oats are a type of cereal grass.

Sprouting grains for whole grain sprouted bread is a relatively simple process, although one should take care to allow just the right amounts of time, water and temperature to affect the grains. The seeds can become waterlogged with too much water or dry out and die with too little. If the grain continues to grow unchecked, it might turn into an actual grass stalk and become inedible to humans.

An ideal sprouting temperature of 70° to 75° Fahrenheit (21.1° to 23.9° Celsius) should be achieved. Also, if attempting to sprout the grains at home, the preparer should try to allow enough air and space for the newly sprouting seeds to breathe and expand. A long, flat baking dish should be ideal.

A common mistake that many people make when sprouting grains is sealing the seeds in a container. This could allow mold to grow and render the seeds useless, if not rather dangerous to ingest. It is advisable for people to keep the seeds out of direct sunlight and to be aware that the sprouts can sometimes grow and expand to as much as 20 to 30 times their original size. This why the sprouting grains need for a good amount of space in which to grow.

Some studies suggest that whole grain sprouted bread might aid in certain health matters, such as fatigue, high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. Research has shown that the occurrence of coronary disease might be reduced by 20 percent or more. Whole grain sprouted bread also has been touted as an option for people who are suffering from grain protein allergies. Although the benefits of whole grain sprouted bread might seem apparent, one should check with a medical professional before attempting to use remedies and recipes such as sprouted grains instead of a doctor’s prescribed medication.

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    • Oats are a type of cereal grass.
      By: Liaurinko
      Oats are a type of cereal grass.