What Is White Chocolate Ice Cream?

M.C. Huguelet

As its name suggests, white chocolate ice cream is ice cream which contains white chocolate, a sweet confection made from an extract of the cacao bean. The appearance and texture of this dessert can vary based on the state of the white chocolate used as the ice cream was being prepared and whether it includes additional primary ingredients like fruit. While white chocolate ice cream can be found in many supermarkets and ice cream shops, home cooks can also prepare it using an ice cream maker, although this process can be somewhat time-consuming.

Whipped egg yolks are used to make ice cream.
Whipped egg yolks are used to make ice cream.

White chocolate is a sweet, solid confection which is normally produced in bar form. Like milk and dark chocolate, it contains cacao bean extracts. While these darker chocolates are produced from both cacao bean fats and solids, however, white chocolate contains only cacao bean fats which have been blended with ingredients like sugar and milk. This lack of cacao bean solids gives white chocolate its distinctive pale hue.

The consistency of white chocolate ice cream can vary based on whether the white chocolate it contains was in a melted or solid state during preparation. If the chocolate was melted, the resulting ice cream will often have a smooth texture, whereas recipes that call for chopped solid chocolate will generally be studded with chewable candy pieces. The primary ingredients of a particular white chocolate ice cream recipe can also dictate its appearance. Recipes that do not contain primary flavoring ingredients other than white chocolate tend to be ivory or white in color, while those that contain mix-ins like fruit, cookie pieces, and so forth can have a flecked appearance.

It is possible to purchase white chocolate ice cream in many supermarkets and ice cream shops. Those who have an ice cream maker can also prepare this dessert at home. White chocolate ice cream recipes are widely available in cookbooks and on the Internet, and many call for common ingredients like egg yolks, cream, white chocolate, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Generally, these ingredients are heated, mixed, cooled, and then processed in an ice cream maker according to the instructions provided by its manufacturer. While some cooking enthusiasts may hold that freshly made ice cream is superior to store-bought products, it should be noted that homemade ice cream can take several hours to prepare and freeze, and therefore may not be a good choice for those who want ice cream immediately.

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