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What Is Waterless Shampoo?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

As its name suggests, a waterless shampoo is a type of shampoo that does not require water. It is sometimes referred to as a dry shampoo, and it usually comes in powder or spray form. When it is applied to the hair and scalp, it absorbs excess oil and bonds with dirt and other grime, before falling off of the head. This type of shampoo is excellent for people who have hairstyles that are hard to maintain, or for people who are otherwise unable to wash their hair as often as they should.

Traditional hair shampoos are usually thick liquids that contain soap. To use these hair products, the hair should first be wet. After the shampoo is massaged into a lather, it needs to be rinsed off. Waterless shampoo, on the other hand, eliminates the need for water.

Dry or waterless shampoo often comes in an aerosol can.
Dry or waterless shampoo often comes in an aerosol can.

Instead of being a liquid soap, a waterless shampoo is a dry powder. Some of these powders are white or translucent, but these may be noticeable on very dark hair. Other waterless shampoos, however, may have dyes in them to help them blend into a person's hair better.

Although it does not clean the hair like traditional shampoo, a waterless shampoo can get rid of excess oil and some grime that has built up on the scalp. Each of the very fine powder granules is able to absorb oil from the scalp and hair. These oil and powder clumps can also usually cling to dirt or other grime in the hair. When the powder falls off of the scalp and hair, the oil and grime fall off too.

A couple types of waterless shampoos are available. Loose powder dry shampoo is simply sprinkled onto the scalp, but it can be somewhat difficult to apply. Dry shampoo also comes in aerosol cans, and these can be somewhat easier to apply. These types of waterless shampoos, however, do not usually last as long as loose powder types, and the spray nozzle has a tendency to clog.

Using waterless shampoo is generally very easy and quick. After the product has been applied to the hair, it should be massaged into the scalp. The product should then brushed or shaken out of the hair. Most people prefer to do this over a tub or sink.

Women who have hairstyles that are difficult to maintain may prefer to use waterless shampoo occasionally. For example, using this type of hair product a few times a week can limit the amount of time spent styling one's hair. One of the biggest disadvantages of waterless shampoo, however, is that it can build up on hair, and it should only be used occasionally.

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    • Dry or waterless shampoo often comes in an aerosol can.
      By: difught
      Dry or waterless shampoo often comes in an aerosol can.