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What is Vibrating Mascara?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

Vibrating mascara, an innovation said to revolutionize the application of mascara, has a vibrating or oscillating wand that aids in the application process. Different brands offer different levels of vibration or oscillation that are generated in the handle of the wand and extend through the tip of the brush. The choice of whether to use a vibrating wand is up to the person applying the mascara, and it is simply a matter of what works best.

The purpose of the vibrating wand is to create more defined lashes without the addition of false eye lashes. The vibrating technique is said to create far greater volume than a traditional and non-moving wand. Length is also thought to be increased by the added motion.

Those wands that vibrate verses oscillate do so in a horizontal motion. The purpose of this is to create a smoother look when the application process is completed. It is also thought to further decrease clumping.

Mascara may be stored in a makeup bag.
Mascara may be stored in a makeup bag.

Another benefit said to be achieved from the use of vibrating mascara is that of less clumping on the lashes. Clumping on lashes has long been a problem of mascara wearers. Not only does this create an unnatural appearance, but it also will cause flaking, which leaves residual blackness under the eye.

To apply vibrating mascara, the technique is basically the same from one brand to another. Once the vibrating mechanism has been activated, it is best to begin at the base of the top lashes and apply outward. Keep applying until the desired thickness and length have been achieved. After the top lashes have achieved the preferred look, begin with the same motion on the bottom lashes.

Vibrating mascara is used to give a person more defined eye lashes without having to use false ones.
Vibrating mascara is used to give a person more defined eye lashes without having to use false ones.

Neither the vibrating mascara wand nor the oscillating mascara wand come with a speed control setting. The lack of speed control may prove to be an issue for some. Both types of wands do maintain consistent speed, however. The batteries for both type of wands are located in the wand side of the two-piece mascara tube. The batteries are not interchangeable, so when they run out new mascara must be purchased.

Vibrating mascara, the lash-enhancing product with an added motorized mechanism, is costly when compared to traditional application wands. In regard to shape and size, the packaging of the vibrating mascara is very similar in size to tube mascara. With the similarity in size, packing it in a makeup bag will present no greater problem than with the traditional variety.

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@simrin-- I thought the same thing before buying a vibrating mascara as well! I though it was like my vibrating toothbrush. If I don't put my toothbrush in my mouth before I turn on the vibration, the toothpaste splatters everywhere!

So I thought that the vibrating mascara would splatter mascara on my face and into my eye! Ouch!

But you're right, it doesn't do that at all! It actually doesn't vibrate that much- just enough to separate and coat the lashes but not enough to actually shoot off mascara liquid anywhere. I also really like it, I've tried both the Maybelline and Revlon vibrating mascara and both worked really well.

My sister has tried them as well and she actually doesn't like them. She agrees that it makes her eyelashes look fuller and longer than regular mascara but she just hasn't been able to get used to the vibration. I guess it all depends on personal preferences.


@alisha-- If you give it a chance, you will love it! I bought one last month because I was curious and I think it's the best mascara I've ever had.

I had similar concerns when I bought it. I'm not too good with stabilizing my hands so I was afraid of hurting myself or getting mascara all over my face but it was not like that at all! You just use it like regular mascara but the results are twice as better.

I don't know which brand you're talking about but the one I bought is a pharmacy brand and it was the same price as most pharmacy brand mascaras. It doesn't make any difference for me price-wise, so I don't mind buying a new one when it expires. Plus, it's totally worth it!


I was at the mall the other day looking at false eyelashes and the retail person kept trying to get me to buy a vibrating mascara. I really wanted to ask her about how it works but she was so enthusiastic to sell it to me that I thought it would be best to ignore it.

This seems like a really interesting invention but I'm not sure if it's worth the price. I'm sure the vibrating wand makes it much easier to apply the mascara and separates the lashes individually, but doesn't it damage the lashes in the long term? I have really thin lashes and I'm scared the vibrating mascara might cause them to fall out.

The other issue is the battery and cost. We're supposed to replace our mascara every couple of months anyway due to hygiene. So I won't be able to use the vibrating mascara for longer than that even though I'm paying more for it.

And doesn't the battery make the mascara much heavier to carry?

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    • Mascara may be stored in a makeup bag.
      By: Gennadiy Poznyakov
      Mascara may be stored in a makeup bag.
    • Vibrating mascara is used to give a person more defined eye lashes without having to use false ones.
      By: Africa Studio
      Vibrating mascara is used to give a person more defined eye lashes without having to use false ones.