What is Turfcrete?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Turfcrete is a ground covering that makes use of a combination of concrete and some type of turf. The turf used in a turfcrete design may include an artificial turf, such as Astroturf. Turfcrete is often employed when there is a desire to create a look that is less structured and harsh as making use of concrete or other paving materials alone.

Installing turfcrete is not that different from pouring a concrete driveway or path.
Installing turfcrete is not that different from pouring a concrete driveway or path.

Considered to be one form of an open grid paver, turfcrete combines some of the best features of both concrete pavers and turf pavers. The resulting combination help to create a durable surface for parking lots and driveways while still adding a little extra visual interest to the finished product. Along with being a pleasant alternative to simple concrete construction, turfcrete can also be utilized in place of brick pavement or even asphalt.

The usual configuration for a turfcrete design is a grid pattern that involves concrete pavers that are spaced slightly. In between the pavers, turf is inserted into the spaces. The end result is a pattern that is somewhat similar to a grid and provides a softer appearance than more traditional pavement designs. Because of the enhanced visual interest, turfcrete is often a good choice for walking trails through gardens or to create a path from the front yard to the back that is defined but free of any hard lines.

Installing turfcrete is not that different from pouring a concrete driveway or path. Generally, the concrete pavers are put into position first. This helps to define the general dimensions of the area being covered. When the time comes to insert the turf into the overall grid design, homeowners can choose to go with real grass or rely on an artificial turf to complete the design. An obvious benefit of using artificial turf is that there is never a need to trim the blades of grass that are part of the combination design.

While it is possible for a homeowner to install turfcrete, the process is usually handled with more precision by a professional. The cost for a professional installation of turfcrete is not usually any more than installing driveway or garden path made of bricks or concrete. While the actual installation may take slightly longer, the look of the finished product is often well worth the extra time. Landscapers can usually prepare an estimate of what type of preparatory work is needed to install the turfcrete, as well as how much the actual installation will cost.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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