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What Is Tuna Mayonnaise?

Emily Espinoza
Emily Espinoza

Tuna mayonnaise is a sauce that contains tuna in a creamy base and can be served as a condiment or as an addition to other dishes. There are several variations of tuna mayonnaise, but it always contains tuna and other ingredients that create the creamy, sauce-like base. It can be used like any other condiment, but many people have other creative ways of using it and adding flavor to common dishes with it. Beyond the basic recipe, some chefs add their own personal touch to the sauce by adding a variety of extra ingredients.

The ingredients for tuna mayonnaise can include eggs, oil, heavy cream, and yogurt. All of these ingredients serve to give the sauce the creamy texture that prompts people to classify it as a form of mayonnaise. In these types of recipes, the ingredients are usually combined with tuna in a blender or food processor and mixed until they turn into one pureed combination. Occasionally, the term tuna mayonnaise refers to a mix of tuna and actual mayonnaise that remains chunkier and often contains other ingredients such as chopped vegetables. Most recipes for tuna mayonnaise make about 20 servings, so one batch can be used for many applications and can be stored in the refrigerator for extended use.

Capers are common additions to tuna mayonnaise.
Capers are common additions to tuna mayonnaise.

There are a number of ways that tuna mayonnaise can be used, and many people have their own personal way to enjoy it. In some instances, its seafood flavor is enhanced by using it as a sauce over tuna patties or other fish entrees. It can also add flavor to a variety of salads, including a regular green salad, a shrimp salad, or a pasta salad. It sometimes makes its way onto sandwiches or even into the mix for deviled eggs. It can also work well when used to top a starchy item, such as toast or a baked potato.


All recipes have variations that make them unique to different cooks or occasions, and tuna mayonnaise is no exception to this. The creamy sauce and tuna are a very simple base that is almost always embellished with herbs, spices, or vegetables. Seasonings such as garlic and capers are common additions to the basic mix and give it a stronger flavor. Sometimes vinegar or lemon juice are added to give it more of a tangy flavor that many people enjoy in any kind of mayonnaise. One final addition, is a produce item like scallions, onion, or tomato, which add depth to the flavor as well as the texture of the sauce.

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@Hazali - Reread the article again. In the case of tuna mayonnaise, mayonnaise is more of the main ingredient, while tuna is just more of an additional one. That's the pure distinction between the two.


You know, after rereading this article, I've been thinking, why exactly is it called tuna mayonnaise? Yes, I know the article explains it, but on the other hand, as Chmander also stated, they're both associated with each other, so it doesn't make much of a difference anyway. For example, whenever someone wants to make a tuna salad sandwich, obviously they don't eat it straight from the can. They prepare it with mayonnaise, and parsley, and a bunch of other things.


To be honest, it's not hard to see why there's such a thing as tuna mayonnaise. In fact, has anyone noticed that tuna fish is always associated with it? Generally speaking, that's because they're ingredients that go very well together. As another (similar) example, look at mayonnaise and potatoes. It's always used to make potato salad. Without much explanation, some foods just go well together, and this article greatly emphasizes that.

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    • Capers are common additions to tuna mayonnaise.
      Capers are common additions to tuna mayonnaise.
    • Mayonnaise.
      By: picsfive
    • Canned tuna is a main ingredient for tuna mayonnaise.
      By: Tim UR
      Canned tuna is a main ingredient for tuna mayonnaise.