What is There to do in New Haven, Connecticut with Children?

Diana Bocco
Diana Bocco
New Haven is home to Yale University.
New Haven is home to Yale University.

New Haven is a thriving Connecticut city that attracts thousands of visitors every year. While many come here for New Haven's historical significance as America's oldest community, many families approach the city because of the attractions geared toward people visiting New Haven with children. New Haven is also home to the International Festival of Arts and Ideas and Five Mile Point Lighthouse, and the seat of Yale University.

Visiting New Haven with children is an easy, interesting idea that parents should explore. The first stop in your visit should be the Connecticut Children's Museum, which features a child-size replica of a construction site, complete with cranes, and a post office where children can take the place of mail carriers and send and receive letters. The museum also boasts an impressive collection of murals and a series of hands-on rooms where children can explore anything from optical illusions to gravity.

Visiting New Haven with children requires also a stop at Amistad, a faithful replica of the ship that brought slaves to America and was the basis for the popular Spielberg's film. Amistad is open for tours and is a great stop for those visiting New Haven with children and trying to get a sense of the local history.

Another great museum for those visiting New Haven with children is the Shore Line Trolley Museum, which houses more than 100 vintage wagons plus a sizable collection of memorabilia related to the history of trolleys. The museum is slightly out of the city center, in East Haven, but it can be easily accessed by public transportation or a quick drive. The trip is especially worthy for those visiting New Haven with children in the summer, when a restored trolley car offers trips around the museum's area for less than $6 US Dollars.

People who are visiting New Haven with children also warrants a quick stop at one of the many parks and natural green spaces in the city. East Rock Park, for example, offers picnic facilities and a chance to visit a bird's sanctuary, and West Rock Ridge State Park offers another quick view into local history by allowing visitors to enter the Judges' Cave, where the fate of King Charles I was sealed.

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If you are visiting New Haven on a nice day, I would suggest visiting the Trolley Museum. Kids always enjoy these unique trolley rides and this is a fun ride, but the trip to the museum is also educational.

I think taking kids to museums is a great way to combine a fun activity with learning. Our favorite New Haven museum to visit every summer is the Shore Line Trolley Museum.


If you are visiting New Haven, you will find a nice variety of attractions that are interesting for kids. Because this town is home to Yale University, there are also many motels and hotels to choose from if you are spending the night there.

If you are looking for a place that is away from the crowds, we went to a place called Lighthouse Point. There is a big lighthouse there, a nice playground and a small beach area. This is a great place to have a picnic and spend some time relaxing with your family.


My husband works in construction building bridges, so having all kinds of equipment around our property is normal. When we were visiting friends inConnecticut, we had to take our four year old grandson to the Children's Museum in New Haven.

Even though he is used to seeing this type of equipment he could have stayed at the construction site all day long. Most boys are fascinated with big trucks and equipment and the chance to have interaction like this is very appealing for them.

We enjoyed our day at the museum as there were many other interesting activities for them to be involved with, including a reading program they have on Saturday afternoons.

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    • New Haven is home to Yale University.
      New Haven is home to Yale University.