What is There to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin with Children?

Diana Bocco

If you are visiting Green Bay with children and looking for a way to keep the little ones entertained, you are in luck. Green Bay is full of attractions for the whole family, both indoors and outdoors. The city of Green Bay, with a population of over 100,000, is home to several attractions that mix small town charm with big city feel.

Green Bay has family-friendly attractions like bowling alleys to entertain children.
Green Bay has family-friendly attractions like bowling alleys to entertain children.

The first stop for those visiting Green Bay should be the Bay Beach Amusement Park, an old-fashioned park featuring classic rides such as bumper cars and a Ferris Wheel. The Bay Beach Amusement Park is located right on the bay, near a series of new attractions that include batting cages and mini-golf. Parents will also feel right at home at the park, as the classic design will remind them of their own childhood. The 700-acre (283.28-hectare) Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, right next to the park, is another great attraction for kids. The sanctuary is home to wild geese, birds of prey, ducks, and other urban wildlife.

Another great attraction to see when in Green Bay is the National Railroad Museum, one of the oldest of its kind in the country. The museum features the largest steam locomotive ever in use, the Pacific Big Boy No. 4017, along with several other models. An observation tower and picnic facilities on the grounds make the museum a great place to relax for a whole afternoon.

If you have more time when visiting Green Bay with children, you can stop by the Kastle Carts, a racing 1/4-mile (402.3 m) track where older kids can try their hand at driving and competing; or you can visit the Wild Air Play Zone, where the little ones can enjoy hours of fun in a world of indoor inflatable castles and constructions. Bowling alleys, mini-golf centers, and other attractions are also close around for those with children needing to be entertained.

Finally, families visiting the area should stop by the Children's Museum of Green Bay. The museum offers exhibits that range from a submarine to a real fire truck to a child-size supermarket.

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