What Is the Wealth Distribution in Russia?

The wealth distribution in Russia has the highest inequality levels in the world, with a little more than 100 people owning 35% of the country’s wealth. It is estimated these billionaires’ combined wealth is more than $420 billion US Dollars (USD). Much of the wealth distribution in Russia is not necessarily income, but rather assets such as housing. This inequality in wealth distribution is thought to be the result of most Russian billionaires making their fortunes in natural resources, such as oil or metals, and relying on help from politicians to maintain their wealth.

More about wealth distribution:

  • Globally, billionaires own an average of about 2% of the world’s wealth. This is roughly equivalent to one billionaire for every $170 billion USD in the world.
  • The lowest levels of income inequality in the world are generally in Northern Europe, in countries such as Finland, Sweden and Norway.
  • In every area of the world, men have more income than women. In fact, the income of all men globally is estimated to be more than 50% higher than the income of the world’s women.
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The greatest disparities of wealth are in the communist countries. The people's republics are not exactly the people's republics are they? Are we headed that way here in the United States? Historically, there are always people who want power at anyone's expense.


Why you are poor? Because your mind is poor. Why you are rich? Because your mind is wise. The wiser you are, you know how to become richer.


It's really interesting to hear that, because very many people around the whole world are poor. Those greedy billionaires should pay tithes so that we are all saved.

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