What is the Treatment for a Broken Toe?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
In most cases, a broken toe does not need a cast.
In most cases, a broken toe does not need a cast.

If you think you have a broken toe, you should see a doctor. A badly broken toe can cause serious issues, and may require resetting, or in some cases a special shoe or casting in order to help the toe properly heal. However, frequently, doctors do not cast the foot, and the toe does not require resetting. In these cases, you may simply have to live with the pain of the break for several weeks.

A broken toe may lead to a need for crutches.
A broken toe may lead to a need for crutches.

Some simple home treatments for a fractured toe can help reduce pain. First, as much as possible, minimize standing or walking. If walking or standing proves very painful, consider renting or purchasing crutches or a cane to minimize the weight one has to put on the toe.

Also plan to wear comfortable shoes with a wide toe box. Do not wear high heels if you have a fractured toe, since much of the weight of the body is distributed onto the toes. This is likely to result in quite a bit of pain, and may lengthen the time it takes for the break to heal. Covered shoes are often a better choice than sandals because they provide a little extra toe protection. However, some people prefer to wear a sandal because it feels more comfortable.

During the first week after you have been diagnosed with a broken toe, ice the toe 15-20 minutes every one to two hours to minimize swelling. Keeping the foot elevated may also keep swelling down.

In rare cases, a broken toe may require a cast.
In rare cases, a broken toe may require a cast.

When sleeping at night, the foot should be propped up on pillows to continue elevation. Many people find it is most comfortable to sit in a recliner, which helps stabilize the foot and keeps it elevated. Others may use a chaise lounge, or an ottoman. However, when possible, the broken toe should be elevated to above chest level.

Prior to beginning exercise again, check back with your doctor. A broken toe can take a while to heal, up to six weeks. Some have residual pain after this time. It’s important to ascertain whether this pain is the result of damaged nerves or ligaments around the toe, or a failure of the fracture to heal properly. The doctor will probably want to verify by x-ray that one can use the toe for strenuous exercise.

Sandals are more comfortable for people with a toe injury, but offer little protection.
Sandals are more comfortable for people with a toe injury, but offer little protection.

It is especially important for people with diabetes to have any breaks in the feet overseen by a doctor. Foot infections are quite common in diabetics and injuries can result in severe complications. A diabetic may require antibiotics or other treatments to avoid infections.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent wiseGEEK contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent wiseGEEK contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Is my toe broken? It is red, sore, swollen and very tingly. I can barely bend it and it hurts like anything. I don't know whether it is, but it really hurts. It is my middle toe. Is it broken? What should I do?


My couch has a wooden base and the cushions kind of overlap the wood so when walking past it in a hurry I have slammed my toes straight into it about 10 times already, you'd think I'd learn but this time I think I broke my pinky toe. It really hurt and I just can't shake it off like I normally do. That was yesterday and today it has swollen up huge and is black, blue and kind of purple. It's broken!


I fell and broke my left pinky toe. It was black and blue and very swollen, but I read online that a doctor won't do anything for broken toes. I waited four weeks for it to heal, meanwhile only wearing open toe shoes and not doing any cardio at the gym. I finally got fed up and went and got an X-ray. My primary doctor said I had to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. He re-broke the toe and set it properly, and gave me a soft cast to wear and a boot.

It has been two weeks and the toe is just finally healing. I would recommend going to a foot doctor as soon as possible for any injury to the foot. If I had gone to begin with and not listened to the internet, I would already be healed and back to the gym.


I broke my small toe about four days ago. Yesterday I ran it over at the store with a grocery cart. Now it seems as the second toe is broken also, from the swelling and discoloration, not to mention severe pain. Also, the bones in my mid-foot are discolored swollen and painful. I know something is wrong, but I can't see a podiatrist until Monday. What will help, or hurt me in the meantime?


I hit my toe on Monday. I think I broke it. I have iced it and it hurts like hell. I am going to my doctor on Monday to see. I hit it on the baseboard. It split my toe and the bruising goes over four toes.


I think I broke my toe. It's red and swollen and my parents will not take me to the doctor.


I dropped a bowling ball on my left foot. My toe is now a bit black and blue and hurts like hell. It's so hard to walk and I'm pretty sure that it is fractured, if not broken. This stinks.


I broke my big toe on my right foot Sunday afternoon. Four days later, my foot feels very tight and swollen! Is this normal please?


About eight weeks ago, I was helping mum at when a child put their chair on my foot (big toe) accidentally, and ever since then my toe has been on and off with pain. I told the doctor and they said even if it was broken, they couldn't do anything. What do I do?


I just broke my second biggest toe. It doesn't hurt that badly. What should I do?


I fractured my big toe 2 1/2 months ago and although the fractures have healed, I still have residual pain. My doctor thinks I should give it end of this month and if the pain continues we will need to take an MRI and look for possible nerve damage.

My question is I have to go to work and need to find the right shoe to wear that won't aggravate the situation. I'm wearing a boot, but cannot use it to drive. Because I have a visible job, it would be good to have shoes that will do the job and look professional too. Any suggestions?


Broke my pinky toe a week ago walking around a corner of my house. Went to ER, and they tried to set it and buddy-taped it together. A few days later I went to a podiatrist and he said that surgery would be the only way to fix it unless I wanted a painful, crooked toe for the rest of my life.

I had the surgery two days later. He inserted a removable pin down the toe into the metatarsals (only took him 20 min in OR). I could not walk for two or three days afterward because of the pain, but I'm doing better now. Waiting to have the pin removed now.

If you break your toe, my advice would be to skip the ER and go straight to the podiatrist.


My husband slipped in the bathroom and broke his great toe. We rushed to see a doctor who immediately did a small surgery and inserted a syringe needle in the toe to stabilize it? The end of the needle with a sort of cap is jetting out of the toe but is covered with dressing. This really hurts him. The doctor says the needle should stay inside for about four to six weeks. My worry is that I can't find any information about this kind of treatment anywhere online. Any advice would be great!


in march I was running down the stairs and I hit my toe on a grandfather clock. It was (actually it still is) swollen and it looks the bone is poking out. Do you think it's broken?


I was swimming in river rapids this weekend and got my small toe stuck in a rock and felt something go. I swam to shore and examined my toe to see it pointing 90 degrees to the side of the foot with a rip from the top of the toe through the webbing under the foot. the cut was cleaned and I place the toe back in proper (looking/feeling) position. I used a small bungee to "buddy up" the broken toe until I could get to the farm.

Once back at the farm, the wound was cleaned with alcohol, dabbed with polysporin, and I placed a plantain leaf between the toes. Next, gauze to buddy up the toes again and taped firmly.

The toe was swollen and slightly discolored, obviously accompanied by some minor pain. I am walking with a limp and my balance is off a bit. I am keeping my foot elevated (try to place above the heart) and occasional icings.

It's a week later now, my foot is a little sore from walking on it funny, but I am minimizing my walking and standing. I taken a few pain killers if it really hurts, but it easy to cope with with no strain full activities.

From what I previously knew about broken small toes is that the bones in that area are really small (as are the toes) so there is not much bandaging that can be done.

This is just my story of what happened far from a hospital. just remember in these situations to stay calm and to act promptly to treat the symptoms.

Get to a first aid kit and sometimes they have a small booklet with first aid info. also the internet is easily accessible to find some quick info. I recommend reading up on first-aid/ survival books to have basic knowledge to be able to deal with situations like this.

I wouldn’t recommend not going to a clinic or hospital, but if you are in serious pain or are not comfortable with self-treatment, go there. a simple x-ray can provide with peace of mind.

Don’t take this as medical advice of any kind.


can anyone tell me if they were able to wear high heel pumps after their recovery time post big broken toe surgery (pin) removed? I broke my toe, slipped in a river, waited a week before had surgery pin placed in toe, was told it will be removed four to six weeks. I have an estimated recovery time of one to one and a half years.


I had a bunionectomy surgery last july of 2010. They placed an absorable screw and a staple. The doctor said it healed in October and i was able to walk normally.

In December 2010 I fractured the right big toe falling with heels and since then that toe is still broken. It was a clean fracture cut in half, and the only thing that is holding that toe together is the staple. The toe hasn't healed and when i walk i always feel something moving. It's been 6 months and every time i go to the doctor, they say the same thing: let it heal. I had to quit my job so i can heal and now i don't have any medical insurance. I don't know what to do.


I stubbed my second to last toe yesterday morning and re-stubbed it today!

My nail cracked near the base, but didn't come off (yet)

I am not sure what to do!

I don't have health insurance so I need to advice on how to take care of this myself.


I think i broke my big toe last night because I still can't walk on it. the problem is, it's not the "toe" part that hurts; it's like the part where the "toe-bone" connects to the rest of my foot, but not in the extension part of the toe. Anyway, I'm sure swimming with it will be fine? Because my swim coach is pretty intense and I don't think he'll let me sit out just because i broke my toe.


I caught my little toe on a door frame, and I ripped it sideways. I felt immediate pain all the way up my foot, and I couldn't move my foot at all for a few hours. I'm not sure if it's broken (was broken; this happened a few months back) or whether I may have torn something between the toes. I was unable to put pressure on it for a week or so, and it still hurt after four weeks. Two months or so on, I have no sensation to my toe, and if i move it manually, it hurts terribly.

Also, there looks to be a random bump in the toe, and the toe is unable to be moved at the joint (between segments of toes, they can bend over/curl). My toe is dead set in one position and can't be bent. There was not any discolouration or massive swelling (not surprising; I never bruise or swell) and I am known for having a very low pain threshold, so I'm not sure whether to go get help now, or just to let it carry on doing its own thing.


I broke my toe about three and half months back and the ortho said one month back that my toe is healing well and i need not have to come for another x ray.

I am having walking difficulties, even after four months almost. i limp when i try to walk fast and for the last two days my toe has a tingling sensation as well.

I am just scared and just worried as when i should be able to walk properly without a limp. please help me out. i do have a walking cast boot. do i need to use that again? Thanks in advance.


Well I'm 23 and last night I was packing an esky when I dropped a can right on my toe. It hurt all kinds of pain so I drank four glasses of red wine and had 5 panadol so I could go to sleep. I have a music festival this weekend so I hope that drinking will be good for it and allow me to walk on it without pain. I don't want to sit at the festival and ice my toe and elevate it.


i think i broke my right pinky toe a few days ago. i need help. i don't know if it's sprained or broken. right now it is swelled and it's black and purple. I can move it to the side but it makes a slight clicking sound. Also a quarter of my foot is purple. should i go to the doctor or wait it out?


I broke my left pinky toe in the night on a doorframe about three weeks ago. I could tell it was a serious break by the discoloration and level of swelling the next morning.

So I went to my local orthopedic on call place and got it x-rayed and it was broken 2/3 through. Since it was so very broken and at risk of a complete break, I got an air cast that I've been wearing. I was also instructed to tape it after a couple of days (it was too painful at first).

The taping keeps it aligned. Had a follow up xray 10 days out and it was still very broken but starting to mend. The doc said at least two more weeks in the air cast and not more than three. It's been 20 days now and it's still discolored but definitely less painful with less swelling. I think this will be a 6-8 week thing. He said to expect to keep taping it for 4-6 weeks after I finish wearing the air cast.

I'm a 42 year old woman and my bone density was better than expected for my age. It was just a really tough break. If you see inordinate swelling in the first few hours I strongly suggest you get it examined!


I broke my right heel bridge jumping and haven't been able to walk on it for three months. I have to wear an air cast all day and crutches. Yesterday my crutches got caught and i started to fall, and instead of stepping on my busted heel to save myself, i lunged my left foot forward and broke my pinkie toe inside my foot. Now i have two broken feet, and I'm living in a basement. How do i get around?


i think i just broke my little toe! i stubbed it on an ottoman and is swollen and can't walk on it without causing serious pain. i am wondering whether i should have crutches or not.


Pretty sure I broke my baby toe by catching it on the corner of the wall. It turned black, red, blue and green the next day. It’s still swollen with a pink shade to it and it’s been four weeks. I haven’t been able to wear any closed toed shoes!

Thank goodness it’s been a dry fall season and work lets me wear sandals! I am really surprised at how long it is taking to heal! Little sucker is painful! Saw the doctor yesterday for something else and mentioned it. The doc wasn't too concerned. Guess I will wait two more weeks to see if it changes.


I was running through my mom's room and i slammed my last toe into my mom's closet door and now it's black and blue and whenever i walk it hurts all the way up to my ankle!

-it hurts


About an hour ago i was running to get my phone and my big toe got caught in something and twisted. i could see that it was out of place and so i kind of twisted it back; the pain was excruciating.

I immediately compared it to the other toe and it looks slightly different now. I think it's broken because it is still so painful when i try to move it or if anything touches it and I'm wondering should i go to the hospital as it is swollen. what must i do? please help.


Why do I feel pain in my right foot around the heel area every time I put pressure on it in the mornings?


my toe is about the size of a nickel and purple. it doesn't look or feel broken but there is some pain when i walk. i think it might be a simple sprain however there is a slight possibility it is broken because the toe did in fact bend all the way back. keep you posted.


Broke my left foot, in car accident, and I was down five months. Just got up and around and when I was playing with my son, I think i broke my right pinky toe.

It has been four weeks now. It turned black and blue is still a little bruised and hurts all the time and swollen, but hurts mostly across the top at base of pinky. Even the bottom of my foot turned black and blue.

It is still very sore to touch but i have had enough of doctors and wearing casts. I have kept it elevated, and iced but not taped. Please tell me if this is a normal break or something else? --Debbie


i was in hawaii at the pool and me and my cousin were running to get back to our chairs and it was pitch black out and as i was running, i ran into a huge rock and dislocated and fractured my 4th toe. now i know why *not* to run at the pool!


i broke my little toe 10 weeks ago and it still hasn't healed. i have seen three different doctors now and all three have given me different advice. i have been told to rest as much as possible, and twice told to walk on it. i have walked on it and have now broken it three times in all.

i am very depressed now and really do not know what to do. at the beginning i did rest it for five weeks, and then went for a walk. That was the second time i broke it. Help!


Yesterday I was running and kicked my husband's shoe and I think I broke my pinkie toe. I heard a crack and could not walk on it at all. Today I can walk on it but it keeps changing colors. The entire toe is black and it is blue and purple halfway up my foot. What should I do?


well yesterday i stubbed my toe on a metal thing, and it looks swollen and bruised in the middle of my toe. it hurts when i touch it or put pressure on it. i don't know if it is broken or not but i have iced it and wrapped two toes together to see if it would help. When i walk i walk on my foot sideways because i am afraid of making it worse. I don't know if i should see the doctor or not or if it will just heal.


I dropped a one of the big batteries on my big toe and it is swollen and hurts really bad. I don't know what to do or what to take. I can't go to sleep because it's throbbing and the pain is unexplainable.


I'm 14 years old and yesterday I was running for the city bus and I fell and skid across the road! I think something happened to my toe beside my big toe on my right foot. It hurts a lot to push it back facing my ankle but it only has a slight pain pushing it down.

It did swell a little bit but I put ice on it yesterday and the swelling went down but I still have the same pain when I push it back and down!

Is my toe just badly bruised on the inside? Or is it sprained? Or broken? Please help!


me and my boyfriend were playing soccer without shoes because i didn't have tennis shoes. anyway we both went for the ball and our feet crashed and we think my middle toe is broken but we don't want to go to the doctor because there's not much they could do for one toe, is there? by the way I'm 12.


i was running to get the phone from my brother's room and i hit my toe on something hard and it hurts really bad. I can move it a little and it's not swelling or anything except that it hurts really bad. is it broken?


i forgot where i hurt it and it didn't swell but the pain stayed for months. what do you do to get the pain out even though you can't see the bruise but feel the horrible pain?


I think i broke my toe. i was running and i hit the corner of a door and it really hurts and looks out of place and my mum thinks it will just heal. i need to persuade her to take me to the hospital. i am ten years old.


I'm 16 and i broke my big toe the other day, when a shot put was dropped on it.

It's dead painful and I'm walking with a limp, and no shoes fit me, so today for work my mum brought me some dead cheap black pumps about three sizes too big and cut the front bit out. i wore black socks to make it less obvious, but i still feel like i look seriously stupid.

I just wish normal shoes fit me, but the pressure against the front of the shoe is always too painful. Still, there's a suggestion for anyone who has the same problem as me.


I stubbed my pinkie toe on the banister of my house. it made a huge "crack" sound and I hit the ground like a leaf. It happened just today and I can't walk. please help me!


i broke the toe next to my big toe four days ago, playing volleyball barefoot. I finished the game, though, and played more. It's the second time I've broken this toe. it will heal -- just have to tape it to the big toe and let it be.


I broke my toe five or six weeks ago and just as it was beginning to heal i stubbed it again.

This time I hit the floor like a lead balloon. It hurt ten times worse the second time around. My advice to anyone recovering from a broken toe is to wear a shoe, no matter if it feels better without. It's a whole lot less painful to wear the shoe than to hit that toe again.


i was at the place where i take gymnastics and i was running and my toe got caught in a mat handle. but i kept on running. my coach made me stay for two hours and do strength, and i have to go to gym two times a week for now.

is there any way my toe can heal faster because I'm pretty sure i broke it but it isn't really getting better.


i think I broke my pinky toe last night when it went to the side and made a cracking sound. it doesn't really hurt at the tip of my toe but the bottom just kills when i touch it. please write another comment to tell me what you think is wrong. thanks so much guys for giving me so much info. please write a comment. thanks. morgan


Dancer/anon28701: healing usually takes three to six weeks.


Two months ago I dropped a large heavy candle in a a glass jar on my left baby toe. The top, bottom and side of my foot turned black and blue. I still cannot wear shoes, or stand to touch the toe, and the toe is huge! I am in question as to perhaps I have a bone infection now. Why isn't this thing healing?


@17: O.K.

1) Your toe ran into a machine?

2) You're at a hospital and you won't ask for help?


I broke my toe a week ago and had a strap put on. I have taken the strap off now but my toe is still swollen. However it hurts less. What should I do?


I fell about an hour ago. Instantly, I felt shooting pain throughout my foot. I then took off my sock and there were small purple bruises on my foot by my toe. When I walk, there is a shooting pain going through my second biggest toe which is slightly swollen near the base of the toe. Should I go to the doctor for this?


Post no. 30: Go to the A&E clinic. Your mom is right. You need to get this checked out. No one is going to think you are a wimp, so don't be embarrassed. And I don't know too many people who actually *like* hospitals. If you're afraid they're going to stick you with a needle, I doubt it. They will probably X-ray it and may bandage it or give you a walking boot to take some of the pressure off it.

Also, I don't know of any doctor who wouldn't rather check someone out and it be nothing than have to deal with the complications of someone who does have something, but won't see a doctor in a timely fashion. Go to the doctor.


Four days ago I rammed a really heavy fire door over my big toe, and it hurt like hell. It swelled up almost immediately and I couldn't walk on it. I was in tears every time it moved slightly even though I was walking on the side of my foot to avoid putting any weight on it.

When I got home I put the injured toe on ice and I could clearly see that it was nearly twice the size of my other big toe. I have been using painkillers to try to take away the pain so I can put a bit more pressure on my foot without it hurting.

Today it is still swollen but at no time has it ever changed color. The underside of my toe was a bit purple when I first did it but there is nothing different about my toe than it is quite swollen. Is it broken?

I don't want to go to A&E because I hate hospitals and I am scared of them. I also feel embarrassed to be wasting their time if there isn't anything wrong with it, even if it does hurt an awful lot. What should I do?

Sometimes I get pins and needles in my foot and toe when I have it straight on my bed. Other times my foot goes numb and my toe doesn't hurt, whereas other times like when someone nudges it when walking past me in school it hurts as bad as when I first did it, and after four days I still can't put weight on it.

What should I do? Please help, my mom is trying to get me to go to A&E today.


Post no. 26: Please see a doctor immediately. Do not wait a month. The whitish piece you see sticking out is bare bone. It is probably too late to save your whole toe, but you could end up with a serious, possibly fatal, bloodstream infection if you do not see a doctor ASAP. Please, for your well-being, get to a doctor, stat. You are not being a wimp.


Last week I smashed my little toe into the doorpost while running like a maniac inside the house. I was barefoot. There was a loud snap, and I thought it was the wood of the doorpost at first. I lay down on the floor trying not to cry and looking at my little toe that was almost split in half and became thick like a sausage. I wrapped it really tight in plastic tape and left it like that until today.

The pain is even worse now, although I've been taking a dozen advils daily. I just tried to take off the tape but it looks like my little toe is stuck to the inside of the tape.

I'm afraid if I pull it, the toe will simply rip away from the rest of my foot. It doesn't even look like a toe anymore; just a lump of brown-blue meat in the shape of a crooked peanut, with a whitish piece sticking out that hurts when I scrape it with a rock. But at least my foot stopped bleeding, just a lot of yellowish goo when I press down on it with a tablespoon.

If it doesn't get better within a month, should I see a doctor? Or should I just tough it out and not be such a wimp?


I was jumping a six foot chain length fence to go watch my boyfriend's baseball game a week ago. It wasn't the best idea I have had. I fell and landed with my three middle toes on my right foot bent.

It didn't hurt much at first. It was okay on my walk home right after but when I took my sneaker off the pain rushed over me. I iced it and elevated it that night. The next day it was double its regular size all purple and I couldn't walk.

Now I can walk with minimum pain. I am a dancer and I have two huge recitals coming up. I'm not sure if I should sit out or deal with the pain?


Last week me and my girlfriend were walking out by our pond barefoot. The brush was high and all of a sudden I feel a large bite down on my big toe. It turns out a snapping turtle had grabbed onto my toe. Well there was a lot of blood, and I was rushed to the emergency room. Half of my toe was nearly severed. It took eight weeks to walk right again.


It's been a month since my big toe accident. I was lifting dumbbell weights while working out and all the weights on one side of the bar fell off and one of them landed on my big toe.

Had x rays taken and shows it as a compound fracture underneath the nail in four sections. My whole foot is in a cast just to stabilise the big toe. Going for another x ray in three weeks. Am taking diclofenac, vitamin C and glucosamine tablets.


I broke my toes about a month ago, i ran into my bedroom door, and then later on my laptop fell on my foot. Three of my toes had gone completely black and swollen, so my mum took me to the hospital. Two of my toes were completely displaced, and another was smashed to pieces. I'm scared i may have to have the last toe amputated.

So they have given me crutches to use for a long time, and i have to go back to the hospital tomorrow to tell me if my toe will be amputated.

I'm so scared!


the doc. put a pink cast on me today and it hurts.


Hi. I think I broke my pinky toe a week ago when I tripped over my dad's shoes. I got an x-ray but they couldn't tell if it is broken. will call my mom tomorrow or tonight and refer me to an orthapetic doc. if it is broken. *help* what do I do ?


I dropped my heavy laptop on my foot while standing on hardwood floor and broke the three middle toes, the toe next to the pinky into three pieces.

It has now been four months and the one toe still does not move and is very painful. My doctor recommended taking 50,000 iu weekly for eight weeks and then two D3 tablets daily for an additional eight weeks to help with the bone repair.


I broke my big toe yesterday night when I was going up a ladder. The ladder tipped over and my toe was smashed between the floor and the ladder. Ow.

My doctor told me to soak it in warm water twice a day, but i will try icing it, too. It turned blue and purple immediately after I fell. not to mention it swelled just as fast.

My mom says I don't need crutches, but I don't want to walk like igor. My toe hurts enough. Should I get crutches?


i went to the doctor after i fell down stairs, and my big toe bent back. It's so painful and i think a bone sticks out. Has anyone heard of surgery on the big toe? They are sending me to an ortho doctor. help.


Oooch! Last week, my left baby toe ran into a machine while I was at work. I'm a nurse and have not had an X-ray to confirm if it's broken, but why bother?

I work 12 hour shifts and by the end of the shift, I have to take my clogs off my feet! I can barely walk the next day. Advil helps while at work. Still red/swollen. Could be worse though!


Your advice and sugestions pretty much jives with what my doctor told me. I broke my baby toe while on vacation in Kauai. I was on a tour of the Na Pali coast and the seas were very rough. I stumbled trying to get to the side to watch my husband snorkle. Ha! Ha! I know, things always seem to happen while on vacation. My advice, always go to the doctor. There are many variations of a broken toe which require different forms of treatment. Mine was mild; they just taped my last two toes and I have to stay off of it as much as possible.


Anon17662, yes it can take up to 6 weeks even more for a broken toe and all the soft tissue damage to heal. Even longer if you start walking on it while hurt. Every time you feel it hurt you're doing a little bit of damage.

I broke my baby toe, stubbed it on the square foot of a sofa and when I looked down my baby toe was basically pointing out the side of my foot so I pushed it back and heard/felt a crack so I don't know if it broke on the way out or if I broke it pushing it back. In any case it's been 4 weeks now and it still hurts. There is a little swelling I think but no more bruising. My whole foot bruised up (well I think just blood pooling inside my foot between my other toes. When I set my foot on the floor my baby toe sort of lifts up and cannot touch like the other toe (I hope it's swelling, my therapist says it's just swelling and it can take a very long time to heal).

I mostly always wear socks but that day I was just running around with my nieces and nephews in bare feet, then bam! Had I been wearing socks I probably would have only stubbed my toe. In any case good luck to you all.

I can't believe how much a broken baby toe can disable you. I sprained my ankle on the same foot last year, couldn't walk normally for a couple of months. My broken baby toe caused me to walk in a little bit giving me some ankle discomfort every now and then. But should be okay. I try to walk properly so I don't add uneeded stress on my ankle or other joints.

I'm able to move just my baby toe and I try to exercise it every once and a while to try to strengthen it. I hope it to be fully healed within the next 4 weeks. But I'm working and walking so it could be a little longer.


I stubbed my little toe on a chair leg two weeks ago and assumed it was sprained because although it swelled a little, it looked normal and wasn't even black and blue. I taped it to the next toe. A week later, when the rest of my foot started hurting from favoring the two, I saw a podiatrist. My toe is broken. The doc gave me a special shoe to wear and said I could walk on it. I've been trying to keep off of it for a week, but walking is very uncomfortable for the rest of my foot and my ankle because of not being able to walk normally in that shoe. I have another doc appointment tomorrow and hope he'll tell me I'm getting better. What a lot of trouble for such a little toe. I would recommend seeing a doc and also looking into Arnica. It helps a lot.


I hurt my toe yesterday, later to find out it broken today. My mom doesn't think I should go to the hospital because she said all they're going to do is tape it to the other toe.


I broke my fourth toe in early May and went to a doctor about it. He taped it to the toe next to it, and offered me an orthopedic shoe to wear. It hurt a lot at the beginning, but after a week or so of trying not to walk on it, it felt a lot better.

That said, it's more than 2 months later, and it still hurts if I bump it against something. It looks a lot more crooked now too.


i broke two of my toes in two places by putting it through a shop window.. i am also a goalkeeper for a very good county side and thank god i done it at the end of season... it has been nearly 3 months and the swelling and has only just started to go, but raving and knocking it and having a dog jump on your toes in the healing process didn't help lol


i broke my big toe on my right foot anout 3 months ago by playing soccer with no shoes on turf. i was sprinting when i tripped and put my weight on my foot when my toe caught. it was extremely painful and sensitive to touch for about a 4 weeks. i did not use crutches or anything. i just iced it and toughed it out. but last night i was running upstairs and fell again catching my toe. i don't think it is broken. it does not look purple all down the bone onto my foot but i have a big soccer game to play tonight in which i am the goalie. haha sucks for me. i can barely walk


i was walking into my kitchen and i jammed my toe against the wall so bad and i was crying and that was about a weak ago and my mom doesn't believe it is broken but she said the same thing when i broke my wrist. but its the toe next to my pinkey toe and its starting to bruise and hurts sooooo bad when i walk. help please!


I broke my toe recently as well, it has not been very painful just a strange burning sensation occasionally that is rather intense. Other than that it feels like a cut to the bottom of the toe. I'm a little worried because i managed to get a copy of the x-rays and they show the bone fragments are about 45 degrees off and all i was told to do is tape it to the next toe and keep weight off it.

Also anon16097 if your job won't let you take time off they should have assigned you to work where you don't have to stand all day. If my job told me to do that I would be contacting the labor board, and if they persisted a lawyer. Part of the treatment for a broken toe is to keep weight off it. My doctor even offered to write a note stating as much.


i broke my pinky toe on wednesday morning in gym class. i went to the doctor and it was broken with displacement. it had to be reset. i have to wear a boot, but i'm not sure for how long. i keep it elevated after school and iced every hour for about 20 minutes. it is very painful. i am a dancer and have competitions soon.

does anyone know how many weeks it will take me to heal?


I broke my big toe by carrying a heavy table across a room and then it flipped over and the table top side fell on my toe. The doctors gave me crutches to use. i used them even at school. It's not really good to put a lot of weight on it, I learned. It's been after 6 weeks I believe but my toe is rather red and hurts a little if the top hits something or if i tap it by accident. oh well.


I believe I broke my toe on the new year of this year (09) and tomorrow (Thursday) it will be a week. I was playing soccer in my room and ran into my bedpost. It turned red and was very swollen after the fact. Now it changes from red to purple frequently and it swells up every once and a while. Can you tell me if it is broken because I would like to do as much as possible to make it heal, if so or not can you give me some tips for healing. I don't know if my age matters but I am 13, so if you could let me know if you think it is broken, that would be great. Oh, also I have attended a soccer practice (Monday (1hr.)) and I did play, but it hurt very much. I will also be attending one tonight. Then playing in 3 3v3 games (12 min. halfs) and possibly up to 5. I will do this even if my pinky toe and the toe next to it are broken just let me know how long it will take to heal after that. I will also playing in a similar 3v3 on the 24th of January and possibly attend a sleepover bday party that I could not miss. I will also attend a 3v3 on February 1st. Let me know please!


I believe I broke my toe, because I twisted it about 480 degrees and I can barely walk, how long do you think it'll take to heal?


Hi I think I broke my little toe about 3 - 4 weeks ago. I hit in on the side of a wooded structure while falling off my bike. I never went black and blue but throbs a lot and is painful to wear shoes. Not so bad in barefeet. My only concern now is it is still swollen and red. Is this normal after almost 4 weeks?


on breaking my little toe, i was informed by my work place that i couldn't take any days off sick as i could still walk... i am on my feet 12 hours a day at work with tight fitting shoes and it is so painful. so if you ever break your toe, take time off work if possible.


Sometimes just wearing a really thick sock around for a while to protect the toe can do it. It's hard to put splints or casts or anything on toes, so that might be the best bet.

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    • In most cases, a broken toe does not need a cast.
      In most cases, a broken toe does not need a cast.
    • A broken toe may lead to a need for crutches.
      A broken toe may lead to a need for crutches.
    • In rare cases, a broken toe may require a cast.
      In rare cases, a broken toe may require a cast.
    • Sandals are more comfortable for people with a toe injury, but offer little protection.
      Sandals are more comfortable for people with a toe injury, but offer little protection.
    • High heels should never be worn by someone with a broken toe.
      High heels should never be worn by someone with a broken toe.
    • Diabetics may experience serious complications as a result of a broken toe.
      Diabetics may experience serious complications as a result of a broken toe.
    • A foot x-ray may be used to confirm a broken toe.
      A foot x-ray may be used to confirm a broken toe.