What Is the Riverside Gallery?

B. Turner
B. Turner
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Riverside Gallery is a small British museum in southwest London. It is situated at the Old Town Hall in the Borough of Richmond, and is owned and managed by the Richmond government. The Riverside Gallery features an ever-changing display of exhibits that include paints, photographs, prints, and a variety of other media. One of the most unique features of the gallery is its focus on local artwork, including creations by area school children. By displaying local works, the Riverside Gallery helps encourage community interest in the arts while giving aspiring artists the opportunity to share their creations.

Exhibits at the Riverside Gallery change every few months, and can vary widely in content and subject matter. In 2011, visitors enjoyed an exhibit entitled "Picturing Science" that focuses on artist's interpretations of scientific subjects. A series of works on Darwinism was a major part of the exhibit. In previous years, the gallery displayed an exhibit dedicated to comic art, including graphic novels and other modern comic creations.

Other exhibits at the Riverside Gallery include work by local students and youth. These works are often focused on a certain theme, such as a past exhibit entitled "Impact of War," which showed student interpretations of war and its aftermath. Many of these creations are completed under the supervision or advice of artist in residence, Alex Baker, who leads numerous education programs at the Riverside Gallery in addition to creating his own works.

In addition to these local works, the gallery also hosts exhibits by more prominent artists, including both national and international figures. Some of the more famous works at the Riverside Gallery come from the Orleans House Gallery, which is also managed by the Richmond government and is located nearby. The Riverside Gallery often selects the most popular works from previous exhibits at the Orleans House and displays these pieces in their own facility for local visitors.

The Riverside Gallery is open six days a week, and closed on Sunday. Admission is free for both children and adults, and the gallery is open to the public year round. Unlike many other British museums, the Riverside Gallery offers numerous works for sales to visitors. In fact, many of the works by local artists can be purchased at the end of an exhibit. By offering works for sale, the gallery not only gives young and emerging artists a chance to earn money for their creations, but also helps them gain exposure and build a career in the industry.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book