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What Is the Relationship between Mirrors and Feng Shui?

B. Miller
B. Miller

In feng shui designs, mirrors are often used to improve the energy of a home in various ways. Practitioners believe that mirrors and feng shui are a very important combination that can make a big difference in the feeling of a home, and the blessings in an individual's life. Even the design of a mirror is important; for example, traditional flat mirrors are often used inside the home, while concave or convex mirrors may be used outside either to attract positive energy or to deflect negative energy. In general, the basic principle behind mirrors and feng shui is that mirrors create a feeling of expansiveness, and multiply what they are placed behind or near. For instance, placing a mirror so that it reflects a positive symbolic image may increase that positivity in an individual's life.

Mirrors and feng shui are often used to make a small, cramped space appear larger. In theory, this new illusion of openness allows the energy to flow more freely throughout the home, and prevents it from becoming stuck or cramped, which can lead to negative feelings or the blocking of positive energy. This is especially true for dark hallways.

A woman looking in a mirror.
A woman looking in a mirror.

Another way to use mirrors is to place them in certain areas to attract blessings. Certain areas of the home are said to be representative of different areas in life, such as love or wealth. In some cases, placing a mirror in one of these areas, with a symbolic image in front of it, can theoretically help to attract that blessing into an individual's life. An example often used is placing a mirror behind a stove; ideally, this will help to attract abundance into an individual's life.

Those who study the use of mirrors and feng shui also discuss areas where mirrors should not be placed. Mirrors should never be placed so they reflect negative images, as this can then bring more negativity into life. For instance, a mirror shouldn't be placed at the foot of the bed, as some believe it can steal the soul of a person while he or she is asleep. Placing a mirror that reflects directly at the entryway of a home may also deter positive energy from entering the home. Many people feel that following these principles for using mirrors and feng shui helps them to to feel more calm and peaceful when they are in their homes.

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    • A woman looking in a mirror.
      By: Jakub Jirsák
      A woman looking in a mirror.