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What Is the Process of MPRE Registration?

Terry Masters
Terry Masters

The Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) registration process consists of signing-up to take the exam through ACT, Inc., the testing service for the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). Registration paperwork can be completed electronically or by mail. The test is given three times a year and offers open registration until all testing centers are filled, but registration for any of the sessions must be completed by the published cut off dates.

MPRE registration requires a law student or graduate to fill out a registration form, either by mail or electronically, and to pay a registration fee. The form asks the registrant to provide basic identifying information and to confirm his status as a student or graduate of an accredited law school. Then, the registrant must select one of three test dates, a testing center, and indicate one jurisdiction where he wants his scores to be sent. ACT also establishes cut off dates for registration that affects the fee that must be paid. If a registrant sends in his registration late, the fee is doubled.

Woman standing behind a stack of books
Woman standing behind a stack of books

The ACT MPRE registration website contains all of the information needed to register for the exam. It can be accessed directly from the main ACT website or through the NCBE MPRE informational webpage. ACT publishes an MPRE information booklet every year that details the test dates, registration cut offs, and testing procedures that an examinee must follow. This booklet can be downloaded from the ACT website and should be read before registration for important information that is specific to a particular year’s exam dates.

ACT accepts MPRE registration electronically or by mail, but it strongly urges registrants to use the electronic registration process offered on its website. Online registrants are able to print their admissions ticket for use on the day of the exam and to download their score report when test results are released. Despite this, a registrant can obtain a complete MPRE registration packet by writing to the NCBE through the address listed on the MPRE website and can send in the registration form by mail.

Online registration must be completed by 11:59 p.m. Central Time on the cut off date. Paper registrations must be received in Iowa City, Iowa by 5 p.m. Central Time on the cut off date. Confirmation of registration is sent to a valid email address for an electronic registration. Paper registrants must send a self-addressed, stamped postcard with their materials to receive official confirmation.

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    • Woman standing behind a stack of books
      Woman standing behind a stack of books