What Is the Minimum Wage in the UK?

The minimum hourly wage in the United Kingdom is different from that in many other countries in that it depends on the age of the employee and whether he or she is an apprentice, or training in a professional trade in exchange for lower pay. As of 2013, the absolute lowest wage paid in the UK was for apprentices under the age of 18, at roughly the equivalent of $4.31 US Dollars (USD) per hour. UK workers who were 21 or older made a minimum wage of $10.16 USD in 2013, and those age 18 to 21 had a minimum wage of about $8.09 USD.

More about minimum wage:

  • Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world, about $16.88 USD per hour in 2013, and the US came in at seventh at $7.25 USD.

  • Italy and Germany are two of the few countries that do not have laws mandating minimum hourly wages for workers.

  • Sierra Leone has the lowest wages in the world, with a minimum hourly wage of $0.03 USD in 2013, followed by India at $0.28 USD.
More Info: gov.uk

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