What is the Highest Earning Sports Team?

The soccer club Real Madrid is the world's highest earning sports team ever, earning more than $592 million US Dollars (USD) in 2010 — more than 30 percent more than the New York Yankees. The income comes just about equally from three sources — broadcasting, match days and commercials.

More facts about high-priced sports:

  • The next highest-earning sports teams in the world in 2010 were FC Barcelona, followed by Manchester United followed and the New York Yankees.

  • Though the Yankees are the fourth in revenue, they are the first in spending — the annual average salary for a first-string Yankees player is about $7 million USD.

  • Real Madrid, the second highest spender in sports, isn't far behind — the average salary of their first string players is a little over $6 million USD, but they broke sports records by spending $120 million USD in transfer fees to get Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.
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