What is the Federal Register? (with picture)

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
Executive orders are made available in the Federal Register.
Executive orders are made available in the Federal Register.

The Federal Register is an official journal published each business day by the United States government. It contains the proposed rule changes of federal administrative agencies as well as notices of hearings or other activities. It also details executive orders given by the U.S. President. This gazette gives information on federal grants that might be available to the public. It can be read in print form or online.

This document is updated very early each weekday morning with the exception of federal holidays. It is compiled by the National Archives and Records Administration. This is a department of the Office of the Federal Register, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Congress has delegated certain authorities to various administrative agencies. This is because these organizations are usually experts in certain areas and, therefore, better equipped to make decisions on those topics. One of the things these bureaus are authorized to do is to enact laws within their particular area of expertise. Before they can do so, these departments must publish the proposed changes in the Federal Register.

After these are formally published, there is time allowed for public comment, typically around 30 days. During this time, citizens can state their opinion on these new rules by sending an email or letters to the agency concerned. If the law is not disputed significantly, it will become effective on the date specified. If there is a great deal of protest to the suggested changes, a hearing may be held to discuss alternatives.

These administrative hearings are also announced in the Federal Register. This official journal lists the date, time, and place of such events. This is to give citizens ample opportunity to attend and discuss their feelings on certain issues.

Executive orders are made available in this government gazette. A number of other presidential documents may also be available in it. Some of these include the text of speeches or official statements as released by the White House press secretary.

Information about newly-approved grants can be found in the Federal Register. This publication might list the criteria for receiving one of these awards and give instructions on how to apply for it. It may also give contact information or deadlines for doing so.

The Federal Register may be purchased from the government printing office or is available for free on the Internet. It can be a wealth of information for American citizens who want to stay updated as to what new laws are being proposed. For this reason, people who like to become involved in the day-to-day operations of their government may want to read this publication often.

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    • Executive orders are made available in the Federal Register.
      Executive orders are made available in the Federal Register.