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What is the Best Method of Wart Removal?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Several options for wart removal exist; some are mostly speculative tactics while others are proven to work. Methods ranging from cryosurgery to duct tape application have been known to remove warts, but the best method of wart removal will ultimately depend on the size and location of the wart, and the vigilance at keeping up with the treatment. A common wart removal treatment involves applying salicylic acid to the wart, but this must be done regularly for several days.

Perhaps the most common but also one of the more painful methods of wart removal is cryosurgery, which involves freezing the wart and the skin around it. This creates a blister beneath the wart, which will in turn prevent the wart from thriving. More than one cryosurgery treatment may be necessary, and a doctor may trim the skin surrounding the wart as part of the procedure, which means the healing process may be prolonged and mildly to moderately painful. It is generally quite effective, though, and a recurrence of the wart is less likely when the patient undergoes cryosurgery.

Warts on a hand.
Warts on a hand.

Laser surgery is another quick option that will take care of wart removal quickly, though it, too, can be painful and very costly. It is one of the most expensive treatment options, and like cryosurgery, it may leave scarring. Recovery time will vary depending on how many warts were removed and where they were located.

Topical solutions such as salicylic acid are quite effective at wart removal, though the process may take several days or even weeks. The person with the wart will need to apply the solution to the wart at regular intervals and make an effort to keep the area surrounding the wart clean and dry. The wart should be killed after several applications, but even after the wart is no longer visible, the treatment may need to be continued. This effective solution requires patience and diligence, and someone who is looking for a quick solution may want to consider other options. Over the counter medications can be applied in the same way, but they tend to take even longer than doctor-prescribed medications that contain salicylic acid.

Brush-on medicines that remove warts are available.
Brush-on medicines that remove warts are available.

Some people choose to try the duct tape wart removal method, which essentially involves covering the wart with duct tape for several days at a time, removing the tape and replacing it when it starts to peel off. This will remove dead skin, thereby removing much of the virus that causes the wart, though results of duct tape removal can be mixed.

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@fBoyle-- I'm sorry to hear about that. You should have gone for liquid nitrogen wart removal, I think that's a better treatment.


I got rid of a wart on my foot with apple cider vinegar! I heard about this from my sister who is very much into herbal remedies for all ailments.

I soaked a cotton ball in vinegar and taped it to the wart. I renewed the cotton ball with more vinegar every night. The wart disappeared in just over a week! This has to be the best remedy ever.

I heard that warts can also be treated with duct tape in a similar manner but I have not tried duct tape.

Does anyone have any other home remedies for wart removal? It might be of help to someone out there.


I had warts when I was in elementary school. First it was just one wart on my hand and then it started to multiply. The OTC treatments weren't working so my mom took me to a doctor and they burned the warts off with laser.

I wish I hadn't had that procedure because twenty years later, I still have very apparent scars from it. I also remember that my hand smelled like burned coal for months afterward. There has to be better treatments out there, don't get laser!

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    • Warts on a hand.
      By: Tiler84
      Warts on a hand.
    • Brush-on medicines that remove warts are available.
      By: leschnyhan
      Brush-on medicines that remove warts are available.
    • Liquid nitrogen is a popular remedy to remove warts.
      By: Gordon Lau
      Liquid nitrogen is a popular remedy to remove warts.
    • Duct tape takes some time to act as a wart remover.
      By: Kimberly Reinick
      Duct tape takes some time to act as a wart remover.