What Is Taco Lasagna?

N. Farley
N. Farley
Taco lasagna should be stored immediately after it is prepared.
Taco lasagna should be stored immediately after it is prepared.

Taco lasagna is a popular dish that takes inspiration from both Mexican and Italian cuisine. Combining all of the traditional ingredients of tacos with the style of Italian beef lasagna, taco lasagna is known for being easy to make and containing a variety of flavors. It includes ingredients such as beef, tortillas, taco seasoning, salsa, cheese, and vegetables. The recipe can be adjusted to include other ingredients like beans, rice, or sour cream.

People who make taco lasagna often prepare it as a party dish, as casseroles are generally simple to prepare and store well. When made in a standard baking dish, a single batch of taco lasagna will serve multiple people, and the recipe can be increased in order to provide extra servings. Many families also make taco lasagna for regular meals because it does not take long to prepare and leftover portions can be frozen, which makes it an ideal dish for people with a busy schedule.

Like traditional lasagna, taco lasagna is prepared by layering the ingredients on top of one another before baking. Generally, the tortillas are placed on the bottom and the other lasagna fillings are added in gradually. The ingredients may be mixed together ahead of time or they may be placed in individual layers. Another layer of tortillas goes on top of the ingredients in order to create as many layers as desired. The final dish is typically topped with a last layer of tortillas and cheese before it is placed in the oven.

As taco lasagna can be easily customized, many people experiment with different variations of the recipe each time they prepare it. The types of ingredients included will greatly affect the overall taste of the meal, particularly if some of the ingredients are spicy or strong-flavored. Onions and garlic, for example, might give a strong flavor to the whole dish if used too liberally. Many people sample the mixture as they make it, which allows them to adjust it before putting the casserole in to bake. It's also best to sample the salsa ahead of time, as the wrong salsa can throw off the flavor of the whole dish.

Taco lasagna should be stored quickly after it is prepared because it contains many perishable ingredients. Any leftover portions should be heated thoroughly in order to ensure that it is heated all the way through. For the best taste and safety, leftovers should be eaten within two to three days of initial preparation.

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    • Taco lasagna should be stored immediately after it is prepared.
      By: HandmadePictures
      Taco lasagna should be stored immediately after it is prepared.